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A fighter. After fleeing from their abusive orphanage, the two sisters separate from each other, to each reach their goal. First of: nearly all the scenes seemed so And sometimes stupid.

First of all the scene at the beginning. There were boys hurting a girl and Sophia stops them and of course the boys see a pretty girl Sophia, who was punished by the nuns for being to beautiful - I mean, come on.

And also, the way Sophia fled. She just stood up and left the room. I mean?! She runs away and starts stealing from different shops to get to the palace.

And the way she does that was so weird. Maybe thats just how the world works in this book, but I still was a little bit surprised about it.

Kate wants to use her muscles and her brain in the future, so she walks through the town trying to survive by stealing things.

When she tries to steal a horse the boys from the orphanage the evil ones - remember? Or at least they wanted to search for it, but things get out of hand and Next to her Sophia, the elder sister, seems like a doll.

Her goal was to be the wifey of a rich man. She wanted to live with the novelty. Both aims seem a little bit lame, you know what I mean?

Kate is kind of cool, but also scary because in just a few pages she talks about burning the orphanage down and killing all that hurt her.

Of course she really had a bad childhood, but wanting to kill everybody that could hurt you is a bit And creepy.

After ca. Sebastian is different, they say. And then he put it into this book. The poorest of the poor - the orphans - are treated like things, like property that you can hurt and sell whenever you want to.

Also that they always came to rescue the other. I think there was a bond between them, but the way they just left each other so easily Then Sophia and her - oh so handsome!

And then she gets this cliche near heart attack with the usual breathing problems etc. Love at first sight!

She can see it from miles away. Yeah, totally. And her sister is exactly the same. It was so plain and simple.

The dialogues were awful and made me cringe sometimes. For what? For being stupid useless phrases that you can find in View all 10 comments.

Oh boy. I thought my expectations were low, but I guess this managed to get even lower than I thought.

Or maybe Rice is very versatile in her level of quality, idk. Either way, this freaking sucked. It was a garbage fire mess of illogic and nonsense lacking even in entertainment value.

The two main characters the sisters of the title escape their abusive orphanage at the start of the story and very soon after, decide to separate so they live their best lives or whatever.

Sophia, the older of the two, wants to marry a rich guy so she can live a life of luxury, whereas Kate, the younger, wants to learn how to fight and live off the land.

They share a trait where they can read minds, sending each other their thoughts so they can communicate wordlessly.

It was kind of a cool feature, and I did kind of like it, actually. Of course, there are obvious and insta-lovey beaus and overly dramatic chapter endings.

The pace is dialed up to 5,,, The big issues of the story really start when the sisters split up. Which, besides running away, is the first thing that happens.

The scenes that felt most real and sometimes even kind of gripping always belonged to her. We start with Sophia, and therefore, at least to me, that means she is, in some way, the primary protagonist.

Her journey is what begins the story. I was willing to laugh at most of what she did. She wants to live in the castle, and she somehow manages this in only a few hours.

My problem with her is that she has no regard for others, even on a base level. She reads his mind to know what the best thing to say is, to weasel herself deeper into his heart.

He thinks she is someone else entirely and she has no intention of ever revealing herself to him. But I did expect it to be entertaining, and besides the parts that were okay, I hated it.

I was either angry or bored all throughout. Maybe on a rainy day. Probably not though. View 2 comments. I feel like this book had a look of potential but was executed poorly.

The entire book takes place over 2 days and the majority of the book felt like a prologue. Once the pace finally began to pick up and the plot become interesting the book came to an abrupt end.

Additionally I found the world was underdeveloped and the two main characters Sofia and Kate were one dimensional and uninteresting.

View all 3 comments. Why do they decide to run away now, if the orphanage was so horrible? Why haven't they done anything "horrible" before for which they would be killed, if it is that easy?

Especially considering their powers which would have made running away even easier I don't think any of this will explained. Okay but first, oh my god.

I don't know how, but I knew there was going to be some sort of ending that I really really would not like. Cliffhangers are not fun when you have no way to get your hands on book two!

I'm going to try and write out some form of coherent thought so we're going to see how this goes. Our protagonists, Sophia 17 and Kate 15 are sisters with a telepathic talent.

The two escape on Sophia's birthday and separate as they run, each with their own goals in mind on how to su Okay but first, oh my god. The two escape on Sophia's birthday and separate as they run, each with their own goals in mind on how to survive.

Sophia, who chose to infiltrate the nobles court and marry rich to escape the city, finds herself instead in the arms of the youngest Prince of the kingdom — instalove, really.

It's the part of this storyline I felt was really shallow. As the elder of the two sisters, who had had to endure with a more developed mind, Sophia's entire thought process came off quite shallow and conceited for me and I felt that her idea of "survival" held more holes than her sisters.

Her background was that she'd escaped death and destruction from over the waters, where war was raging and threatening to spill over — she finds a friend on the inside, Cora, who was previously raised in the orphanage too and is now conveniently the makeup artist for the noblewomen there.

I would have liked to see more between Core and Sophia, I think it would have given more into the background of both the two girls and that a strong bonded friendship between them would have made sense considering that they were both alone and Sophia was without the only family she'd grown up with.

Cora's background would have also been interesting — a new dynamic on how life after the orphanage might have turned out had Sophia stayed.

Kate, who chose to somehow find her way into an apprenticeship and then into the free garrisons to fight, finds herself aiding a blacksmith with a son who has just conveniently left to fight this massive war across the ocean.

She comes off as the more practical of the two sisters, I think, and I felt she was more successful in her survival plan in the long run — Sophia's seemed like a short-term solution to a huge problem, with way too many pitfalls.

There's no waiting around doing random things before the story kicks off, which is both good and bad. Good because everything in the story was moving forward and I wasn't lulled into any sense that things were about to get boring.

But bad because it was over quite soon, and there was a lot left unanswered — this also meant that most of the plot twists were left as half cliffhangers that spurred you on!

Of the two sisters, I enjoyed Kate's storyline more than Sophia's but after the ending, I have no idea what I feel. I just know that I want to continue with this series because there are so many unanswered questions — I want to know more about the intricacies behind this war, how it started and why; to see more of the princes, Rupert and his violence and Sebastian and his golden heart, to find out how they became that way; the world building in more intricate layers, how the religion of this Masked Goddess meets the politics of the Royals and nobles; the back stories of those who helped the sisters survive their time; what happens next to Sophia, and to Kate, and more of their past and explanation about their powers.

It's a long list, I know, but this book has opened doors to a vast amount of potential directions that I'm so excited for.

I recommend this book for those who enjoy reading a series where survival is everything, particularly with many walls of conflict surrounding the main characters.

Two sisters, running from the horror of their lives in a cruel orphanage will separate as each seeks out their own version of freedom and happiness.

Bound by a telepathic bond, Sophia and Kate have never truly been alone until they each follow the path they feel is destined for them.

Morgan Rice has set a tone that is chaotic, perhaps matching the thoughts of the sisters as they experience a world far from what they have ever known.

Will Sophia find love and happiness in the arms of a prince? Will Kate be forced to surrender the brief respite she has found with the blacksmith and his family?

Where will they each end up? Have they chosen wisely or will they find there is too much world to see to know where their hearts will lead them?

I liked the feeling of chaos and urgency throughout. Although Sophia may be able to fool the court for a while, will it matter in the end if she has found love?

Kate, strong and independent, filled with enough honor not to endanger her new benefactor, where will she finally land? I am definitely going to continue this series, hoping it will be more detailed with just a few breaks from the high tension so I can take a breath!

View 1 comment. Shelves: reads , buddy-reads. Two sisters, Sophia aka Sansa and Kate aka Ayra escape from their abusive orphanage and decide to separate literally the dumbest idea in the history of decisions to pursue what the other wants in life.

Literally this book was a Sansa an "It was time to risk it all" No, now is definitely not the time to be risking it all.

Literally this book was a Sansa and Arya fanfic with a Cinderella retelling mixed in for taste. The writing reads like a first draft outline not a published novel.

I doubt Rice has ever heard of "show don't tell" and, well, it shows. Basic ass writing, basic ass fantasy plot, and stupid ass characters making stupid ass decisions.

I wanted to slap Sophia and Kate more times than I can count and the book is less than pages. I will admit however that this book is a good "turn your brain off" fantasy.

With school and other priorities, trying to focus on a high fantasy novel right is impossible for me. Being able to read a book and not have to pay attention to it to get the general plot was quite nice so I'm not even mad that I read it.

It gets right to the point and doesn't waste your time. Would recommend for anyone looking for a fast and easy fantasy read.

For the length of this book the pace was very quick and things were happening one after the other. Sophia who is the older sister decides to try and escape by getting herself married off to a noble men and ends in the hands of the prince of the kingdom.

I loved that we had a prince involves and i love books set in kingdoms and features a royal family. Kate decideds she wants to rough it a bit more ends up landing and apprenticeship with a blacksmith where she meets young will who is the son to t For the length of this book the pace was very quick and things were happening one after the other.

Kate decideds she wants to rough it a bit more ends up landing and apprenticeship with a blacksmith where she meets young will who is the son to the blacksmith who is part of the group of soilders fighting for the kingdom.

I loved that the girls found companions but it was a bit insta love. I gave this book 4 stars and cant wait to read more. Pretty cover, boring story.

Feb 07, Coco. This book was a roller coaster from start to finish. The entire story takes place over the span of 2 days, which is both good and bad.

Sophia and Kate are orphans trying to escape the horrors of the orphanage and their future of indentured servitude. Sophia has grand plans of nobility while Kate wants to be a fighter and a bandit.

The tale is fast paced, but leaves many questions behind. Which I guess is a good reason to buy the second book in the series, in hope of more answers.

Overall, I Wow. Overall, I enjoyed the book. It was nice that there was not a huge amount of building the story, but also frustrating that I had almost no backstory to help understand the characters.

I was really excited for this book - the plot sounded really interesting - but it really didn't work for me.

I did not hate it, but none of the characters clicked with me and the story wasn't what I really wanted It's a small book, so if the plot interest you, maybe check it out for yourself Free on Google Play - through BookBub - if anyone is interested.

They also have the sequel for free, but for obvious reasons, I won't be continuing it. This is the start of another wonderful series by Morgan Rice.

The cover is absolutely gorgeous! The characters are well written and relatable in this gritty, romantic, and adventurous epic fantasy novel.

The world building was great and I found myself so attached to these sisters stories and wanting to see where they will go in the next book!

Sophia and Kate are sisters and orphans growing up in a harsh world with big dreams. One wants to be royal and the other a hunter warrior.

They also both ha This is the start of another wonderful series by Morgan Rice. They also both have a secret that they have to hide, they are both mind readers.

After terrible abuse at the orphanage the sisters split up to try to achieve their goals but they are never too far away with their abilities.

They both find themselves stealing things to survive but this makes Kate's anger and rage more intense. Kate is also very protective and tries to become a warrior who can always protect herself and her sister.

Yes there is insta-love but it's not something I hate if it's done well and furthers the story. Sophia uses her psychic power to her advantage to gain entrance to the court and meet the prince she has her eye on.

Is Sophia too naive for a life in court though? Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for a copy of this book for a fair and honest review.

For me, I felt as though the story progression didn't make sense. The girls are running from a terrible life, but one so happens to get a prince to fall in love with her as soon as she meets him and the other is almost immediately taken on as an apprentice to a blacksmith?

Everything was just too convenient. I also don't see how this title fits the story. There is no real lead up to a throne or any indication that one of the girls was meant to be on the throne to begin with.

Overall, I feel like this one just fell exceptionally short. I did not finish. It would have been so much better if the sisters left town and tried to make it on.

Not my idea of good book. Feels like bullet points made into a story. Very fast paced in definitely not a good way. The romancce was also cringe-worthy And there really is a nice potential to the plot.

I wanted to like this book. Really I did. The premise was interesting and the idea of two sisters with psychic abilities sounded like a fresh change from the usual fantasy protagonist.

I was hoping their talent would let them work in tandem together to overcome the obstacles of their hard young lives, but, alas, no.

They spend the vast majority of the book apart, without even their mind reading able to keep a link between them. The characters were very one dimensional and it truly felt like the a I wanted to like this book.

The characters were very one dimensional and it truly felt like the author had based the sisters on first book Arya and Sansa Stark.

One being the rough and tough fighting obsessed younger sister, and the other being the superficial 'I just want to marry a Prince, look pretty and have babies' older sister.

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Prince Rupert Träne

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Prince Rupert Träne -

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