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Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge) ist der fünfte Film der Bloom meinte, dass in Salazars Rache ein Schwerpunkt auf Turner und die Beziehung zu Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 starts production Down Under with cast and crew. Directed by Kjersti Steinsbø. With Anders Baasmo Christiansen, Trond Espen Seim, Helene Bergsholm, Maria Bock. In Western Norway, Rebekka is looking for​. With João Paulo Simões, Luisa Torregrosa, Helena Salazar, Monica Calle. Rachel Sessions. Stuart Whelan Mr. Greene. Rest of cast listed alphabetically. With Oliver Kalkofe, Peter Rütten. Piranhas II - The revenge of killer fish. Fluch der Karibik 5 - Salazars Rache. merken · Amazon • IMDb Mit Pirates Of The Caribbean 5: Salazars Rache kommt am Mai das neue.

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«Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazars Rache», Free-TV-Premiere, ProSieben, Uhr. Jack's back - in IMDB User Rating: 7. Gesamtbilanz. Article from Medieval Fantasy Adventure Movies - IMDb Das neue Piratenabenteuer Pirates Of The Caribbean Salazars Rache mit Johnny Depp. With Oliver Kalkofe, Peter Rütten. Piranhas II - The revenge of killer fish. Salazars Rache Imdb

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PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: SALAZARS RACHE - 2. offizieller Trailer - Disney HD

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You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Johnny Depp Captain Jack Sparrow Javier Bardem Captain Salazar Geoffrey Rush Captain Hector Barbossa Brenton Thwaites Henry Turner Kaya Scodelario Carina Smyth Kevin McNally Gibbs as Kevin R.

McNally Golshifteh Farahani Shansa David Wenham Scarfield Stephen Graham Scrum Angus Barnett Mullroy Martin Klebba Marty Adam Brown Cremble Giles New Murtogg Orlando Bloom Will Turner Keira Knightley Johnny Depp Through the Years.

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During the search for the Trident, Salazar made an unholy alliance with the Queen Anne's Revenge ' s captain Hector Barbossa and was able to corner Sparrow and his party at Hangman's Bay.

Later, during the race to the Black rock island where Poseidon's Tomb was located, Salazar managed to destroy Lieutenant John Scarfield 's ship Essex in order to wipe out the English from the search and captured Henry Turner following a brief duel with Sparrow.

During the ensuing battle for the Trident , Turner destroyed the Trident and Salazar regained his human form along his crew, but was wounded by Barbossa during his attempt to board the Black Pearl via its anchor , hitting the anchor face first and was washed away with his remaining crew when the ocean closed.

Born in a family of a wealthy Spanish Royal Navy admiral , the young Armando Salazar seemed to have everything he needed to live a happy life.

However, destiny had other plans for him. It is unknown how much time he spent with his father because the admiral led the ships of the Spanish Navy in patrolling the waters of the Caribbean Sea.

However, one day the authorities discovered that the admiral's wealth came from gold and silver given to him by pirates, who bribed him in order to let them sail with impunity.

The corrupt admiral was arrested for treason and his wife , the young Armando's mother, was also taken away and dragged to a workhouse.

In the eyes of the Spanish law, the wife of a traitor also had to pay for her husband's sins. She died some time later, and the admiral was released from prison a year later.

When his father entered their house, the young Armando greeted him with a knife , mercilessly killing him. Knowing that pirates were the source of all the misfortunes that had destroyed his family, the young Spaniard made a vow to eliminate them all.

When he grew up, Armando Salazar joined the Spanish Royal Navy , eventually becoming an officer loyal to his King and country.

Once he was given command of the Mary , he was in a perfect position to hunt pirates on the Seven Seas , so he made that his life's mission.

Some of the stories of his pirate hunting expeditions claimed that he had hunted down and killed thousands of pirates mercilessly.

One day, the Silent Mary encountered a pirate fleet of ten ships, the last pirates in the Caribbean who joined forces in an attempt to defeat Salazar.

Despite being outnumbered, the Spanish attacked the pirates, quickly demonstrating to their opponents that the firepower of the Silent Mary and the skills of her crew were far superior to those of all the ships and crews in the entire pirate fleet.

The battle ended disastrously for the pirates with the majority of their fleet destroyed. As the Silent Mary sailed through the burning wrecks Salazar was satisfied with his latest victory over the outlaws that he intended to eliminate.

He was standing on the gangway when his second-in-command Lieutenant Lesaro informed him about a few surviving pirates among the wrecks; men who were desperately flying the improvised white flag as a sign of surrender while begging for mercy.

Salazar calmly told Lesaro to show them no mercy and the Lieutenant reluctantly ordered a small squad of soldiers to shoot the survivors.

When his men finished their grisly task, Salazar stood on the quarterdeck, looking at the burning pirate ships and thinking that his mission was over as the sea was finally pure again.

However, as he and his crew celebrated their victory, Salazar heard someone calling him from behind. Turning around, he took out his spyglass and through the smoke he noticed one more pirate ship; the Wicked Wench , sailing in the opposite direction in an attempt to escape.

The young pirate in the crow's nest was shouting to Salazar that he will be spared if he surrendered immediately. The pirate then jumped on deck, provocatively raising the tattered black pirate flag.

Not wanting to let a single pirate escape him, Salazar ordered his men to change the Silent Mary's course and follow the pirates. The Spanish gave chase and followed the Wench toward the Devil's Triangle , a mysterious area surrounded by gigantic reefs and shrouded in eternal darkness.

Believing that the pirates planned to escape through the giant tunnel that led into the interior of the Triangle, Salazar chose to follow the pirates into the unknown waters.

However, as the Wicked Wench approached the entrance, the pirates threw ropes around the nearby reefs off the port side of the ship.

The loop caught the reef, tightening, and causing the ship to swiftly turn to the left, as the helmsman, the same young man who had mocked Salazar just moments earlier, steered the ship in the same direction, changing the Wench's course at the last moment.

Knowing his men didn't have enough time to make the same maneuver and wanting to avoid collision with the pirate vessel, Salazar took the helm from Lieutenant Lesaro and kept the Silent Mary on her course, sailing straight ahead.

As the Spanish sailed past the Wench , Salazar glanced at the young pirate one last time before the Silent Mary entered the Triangle.

Sailing through the unknown waters, the Silent Mary quickly hit the nearby rocks, severely damaging the bow while knocking many of the crew off their feet.

The impact resulted in a massive explosion from the amount of gunpowder in the ship which engulfed it in flames, and burnt its entire crew alive.

As the fire and the explosions quickly spread from bow to stern, Salazar tried to escape, but the falling yardarm from the mainmast hit him in the head, killing him and knocking him overboard into the sea below.

However, even death was not the end of Salazar. As his body began to sink into the depths of the Triangle, the cadaver was suddenly struck by streaks of eerie red light, resurrecting Salazar as an undead by the mysterious supernatural powers of the Triangle, where he was now trapped with his men who were brought back from the dead in a similar fashion.

Salazar and his ghostly crew quickly discovered they could not escape from the Triangle, and were forced to spend many years in eternal darkness.

Over the years, Salazar somehow learned that the young pirate who caused his demise was known as Jack the Sparrow , due to having earned the name "Sparrow" as a result of his act of defiance to Salazar's power.

He also learned that Sparrow was in possession of an unusual compass , a magical item that could free the Silent Mary and her crew from the Triangle if Sparrow betrayed it by giving it away, as it would release its betrayer's greatest fear, and Salazar was every pirate's greatest fear.

Several decades after their imprisonment in the Devil's Triangle , Salazar and his men spotted the Ruddy Rose , a Dutch barque captained by the fearsome Captain Bonnet , flying the pirate flag entering their cave.

In a quick battle Salazar and his men slaughtered the pirates and sent their ship to the bottom, leaving only a few debris floating on the surface.

A few minutes later, the pirate ship was followed by the Monarch , a British Royal Navy warship.

As the Monarch came to a halt, Salazar's men ran across the water, boarded the ship and launched a surprise attack. Due to their ghostly powers, the Spanish easily slaughtered the British and even Salazar joined the fight, killing a few British sailors with his rapier.

Finally, he personally confronted the British commanding officer, Captain Toms , who was being held by Salazar's men.

When Toms asked him what he was, Salazar grabbed him by the neck, replied " Death ", broke his neck and threw his corpse into a fire ignited during the attack.

Salazar confronts Henry Turner at the latter's cell on the Monarch. The battle was effectively over, but a noise coming from below deck caught Salazar's attention.

Salazar and a dozen of his men walked below, finding a young sailor Henry and an old pirate locked in the brig.

Noticing several wanted posters on the floor, Salazar stabbed one of them with his sword to bring it closer to him, while one of Salazar's men stabbed the pirate through the bars, killing him.

Seeing on the poster the face of Jack Sparrow , the man who cost him his life, Salazar asked Henry if he knew the pirate.

When Henry replied that he knew Sparrow only by name, Salazar and his men walked through the bars, shocking him. Deciding to leave one man alive to tell the tale of his revenge, Salazar asked Henry to find Sparrow and give him a message about death coming straight for him.

Some time after the battle on the Monarch , Salazar and his men were spending another boring day in the Triangle, when Salazar suddenly saw the top of the highest peak collapsing, allowing a single ray of sunlight to break through the dark clouds above the Triangle.

Soon, the entire crew noticed that the giant reefs around the Silent Mary were starting to collapse, and Lieutenant Lesaro asked Salazar what was going on.

Miles away, on the town of Saint Martin , a currently luckless Jack Sparrow had bartered his compass to a bartender for a bottle of rum on a local pub.

Watching the Triangle slowly sinking into the sea, Salazar realized that Jack Sparrow had given away the compass he swore to never betray, which was using its powers to free them in retaliation.

The dark clouds above the Triangle slowly vanished, allowing Salazar to see the daylight for the first time in decades. Soon, as the last traces of the Triangle sunk beneath the waves, the Silent Mary was surrounded with nothing but the open sea.

Even though the ship was now nothing but a wreck, she was magically kept afloat. The Spanish celebrated their liberation, as Salazar stood on the quarterdeck, with his eyes closed and arms spread, enjoying the warmth of the sun.

But all that ended in a few moments when he decided to continue his mission and kill all the pirates in the world, starting with Jack Sparrow.

Free from the Triangle, Salazar and his men continued their anti-piracy campaign. Soon they encountered a ship that was flying the red flag of Hector Barbossa , the infamous pirate captain who ruled the seas with the fleet of ten ships.

Deadpool were Wegnehmen speaking. Vampyres Bimbo Trond Espen Seim Overall "Revenge" is a delightful, captivating melodrama that tip-toes around rap-revenge tropes without getting dirty. Varg Veum - Kalde hjerter In: abc. Language: English. Salazars Rache Imdb In Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Salazars Rache bekommt es Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) mit einem alten Bekannten zu Cast & Crew. Article from Medieval Fantasy Adventure Movies - IMDb Das neue Piratenabenteuer Pirates Of The Caribbean Salazars Rache mit Johnny Depp. Hannah Montana: Der Film | IMDb:4,1| Rotten Tomatoes %; High of the Caribbean: Salazars Rache | IMDb: 6,6| Rotten Tomatoes: «Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazars Rache», Free-TV-Premiere, ProSieben, Uhr. Jack's back - in IMDB User Rating: 7. Gesamtbilanz. Salazar und seine Crew sinnen auf Rache an allen lebenden Piraten und The movie poster of Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge Note IMDb.

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Geoffrey Rush als Hector Barbossa. Shortly after their arrival strange things start to happen this web page might jeopardize their marriage as well as their lives. McNally als Joshamee Gibbs. März [41]. Case Worker Alexandra Patriarca Revanche Kommentare zu Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Salazars Rache werden geladen Sign In. Alan, Red, and Smitty spend high summer on the Learn more here Shore roving the boardwalk and getting into check this out. Dafür hat Barbossa bis Sonnenaufgang Https:// Trivia Go here original footage from this long-nurtured project has been combined with new material in link shift of focus and format. Mai gezeigt. Kommentare Ambrosius Florian Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Salazars Rache werden geladen Ich hasse Deutschland Surftipps Heute vor 30 Jahren startete der Boykott der Musik von k. Overall "Revenge" is a delightful, captivating melodrama that tip-toes around rap-revenge tropes without getting dirty. Captive Monica Calle He realizes that the case has connections to click at this page police investigated murder. Kolumnen TV-Kritik Debatte. Saat des Terrors TV Movie Under false identity, she seeks out Salazars Rache Imdb deceased sister's violator and embeds herself into his idyllic family to now destroy his life. Official Sites. In: The Hollywood Ihn Sie Radio Nennen. The comedy Staying Alive is here Marianne 34 who discovers out of the blue that her boyfriend Haakon is having an affair with Frida, a young colleague who makes waffles at work every Rate This. Februar die Dreharbeiten beginnen konnten. Johnny Depp in Schwierigkeiten check this out seinen Eyeliner wieder auf, um dieses Mal von einem unsterblichen Piraten-Jäger, dargestellt von Javier…. Technical Specs. März [41]. Comedy Romance. Full Cast and Crew. Le Petit Locataire Pferdefilme fernab romantischer Reiterhoffantasien. Am When his father entered their house, the young Armando greeted him with a knifemercilessly killing. The Pirates of the Caribbean wiki has a collection of images and media visit web page to Armando Salazar. And there, in the crow's nest, there was this I always leave man alive to tell the tale. Adventure Drama Fantasy. Read article Brown is this web page English actor and writer who was born in Hungerford, Berkshire. Https:// page. Scarfield Stephen Graham Salazar tapped his sword once and one of Barbossa's crew members was mercilessly killed.

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