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Mad Max Furiosa Navigationsmenü Auf „Mad Max: Fury Road“ will Regisseur George Miller gleich mehrere „Mad Max“-Projekte folgen lassen. Jetzt bestätigte er. Statt die bekannten Geschehnisse aufzugreifen, wagt Miller einen Schritt zurück und plant, sich in Mad Max: Furiosa der bereits aus Fury Road. Mad Max: Fury Road wirbelte vor fünf Jahren eine Menge Staub auf. Seit dieser Zeit wird immer wieder über ein Spin-off für Furiosa. Mad Max: "Furiosa"-Spin-Off ohne Charlize Theron. Im Mittelpunkt des Prequel-​Films von Regisseur George Miller steht eine jüngere Furiosa. Zu Immortan Joes Gefolge gehört auch Imperator Furiosa, die einen War Rig, einen hochgerüsteten Lastwagen, steuert. Bei einer Versorgungsfahrt verhilft sie den.

Mad Max Furiosa

Mad Max: Fury Road wirbelte vor fünf Jahren eine Menge Staub auf. Seit dieser Zeit wird immer wieder über ein Spin-off für Furiosa. Mad Max: "Furiosa"-Spin-Off ohne Charlize Theron. Im Mittelpunkt des Prequel-​Films von Regisseur George Miller steht eine jüngere Furiosa. Zu Immortan Joes Gefolge gehört auch Imperator Furiosa, die einen War Rig, einen hochgerüsteten Lastwagen, steuert. Bei einer Versorgungsfahrt verhilft sie den.

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Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) - The chase begins (1/10) (slightly edited) [4K] Mad Max Furiosa

Furiosa was ordered by Immortan to protect the five wives from Rictus Erectus and his hot temperament. At first she never engaged with the women, even after witnessing the rapes and medical procedures performed on the Five Wives.

One night Furiosa noticed Splendid attempting to perform self-abortion but she stopped her, furious about the fact the Five Wives could not appreciate the luxurious life that they had.

Furiosa started to slowly bond with the women, but at the same time keeping her distance. She did, however, briefly explain where she came from and what happened to her mother.

After weeks spent protecting the Five Wives, Furiosa started to become protective of them, especially after Organic Mechanic called them for a routine medical procedure and to act as entertainment for Immortan Joe, which resulted in the Dag's rape and her pregnancy.

Furiosa explained to the Five Wives that she can take them to the Green Place even though she was not sure if it still exists. Right after revealing that, she was relieved of her duty as The Five Wives' protector and was given a new War Rig.

She was then presumably performing routine supply runs to Gas Town and the Bullet Farm until one night she appeared again in the Bio Dome and ordered The Five Wives to go with her.

She hid the women in the tanker of the War Rig and left Miss Giddy in the Bio Dome vault with a shotgun, as she was too weak to survive the journey.

Unfortunately, after meeting the Vuvalini she learns that The Green Place does not exist any more as it's contaminated, thus making it uninhabitable , and she's forced to find another solution with help of Max Rockatansky.

After being critically injured during a road war with Immortan Joe 's War Boys , she is given a blood transfusion by Max.

Upon her return to the Citadel, she is praised by the people and is lifted up. She makes one last glance of acknowledgement to Max before he disappears into the crowd.

Furiosa sports a buzz cut with her forehead often smeared with grease in a fashion similar to other Imperators, and a small number of War Boys.

She is missing her left forearm, but it is substituted by a mechanical prosthetic consisting of various parts. Tiny French sleeve on the right.

Left sleeve is longer. A bunched-up, bandage look around the bustline. The blouse appears to to be made from a pilled cotton knit.

Due to the similarities of the fabric of the blouse to the clothing worn by the Five Wives, some have loosely speculated that her blouse is a remnant from her days as a breeder.

A dark brown, form-fit layer from the underbust to the hips. Laced in the rear. Possibly leather.

Possibly a layer of fabric showing through at the top. Three assorted leather belts cover the waist, and have attachments for the shoulder pad.

An additional brown leather belt sits on the hips and carries two leather pouches, as well as a hanging emblem on the front.

The emblem has assorted chains hanging from it. Fabric trousers reminiscent of horse riding trousers. There may be some stretch leather panels on them.

There are slits bordered with stitching all over the outer panels of the trousers. Interesting stitch patterns on the seams. Black modern motorcycle boots.

The tops of the boots are obscured by a wide anklet cuff on the left leg, and a zippered half-chap or gaiter on the right leg. After being dispatched to Gas Town, Furiosa abruptly changes course and heads off the road, precipitating a battle in which Furiosa shows her combat and tactical skills, defending the tanker truck from scavengers and later from a party of Warboys sent out to stop her.

After meeting with Max the two end up working together, drawing on their respective experiences surviving in hostile environments to overcome the challenges of fighting against Immortan Joe's forces.

Eventually, Furiosa reaches her birthplace, whereupon she is received as one of the Vuvalini of Many Mothers.

In a subsequent council, Furiosa initially opts to join the Vuvalini in their trek across the salt flats to find a new home, but is persuaded to return to the Citadel by Max when he points out that it is the closest known source of water.

More importantly, Max points out that with the bulk of Joe's forces engaged in pursuing Furiosa, Joe's Citadel is unlikely to be well manned against an incursion.

Capitalizing on this opportunity, Furiosa leads the rag-tag group of rebels back to the Citadel, in the process engaging in a running battle with several groups of vehicles manned by the Warboys.

Ultimately, Furiosa is able to board Joe's truck and slays the dictator. Upon returning to the citadel in Joe's truck, Max displays Joe's dead body, resulting in widespread admiration for Furiosa and her exploits.

She is last seen ascending into the citadel on a lift used to move vehicles into and out of the facility.

She's not in the Mad Max [sequel] story, but in one of the stories, there's an interaction between [Max and Furiosa].

I can't really say more than that because it's still in progress. Furiosa has a mechanical left arm. She is also armed with a handgun and an SKS rifle.

Furiosa is a strong-willed and moral leader. She takes the initiative to save the Five Wives from Immortan Joe with little regard for her own well-being and without any desire for reward, save for redemption.

She aims to take the Wives to the Green Place, but when she encounters her kin, they tell her that the soil had turned to poison and nothing would grow, and it became a fetid swamp with little more than crows and mud.

Her relationship with Max inspires her to return to the Citadel and take it over after killing Immortan Joe, giving the Five Wives and all citizens a safe haven.

In an interview, Charlize Theron revealed that Furiosa was originally to be a wife of the Imperator, but was infertile: "[George Miller and I] talked about backstory, about how she ended up with no arm and that she was discarded.

She couldn't breed, and that was all that she was good for. She was stolen from this place, this green place that she's trying to go back to.

But she was kind of embedded in [the Citadel] for one thing, and when she couldn't deliver on that one thing, she was discarded — and she didn't die.

And instead Furiosa has been credited with being a positive feminist action hero. Kyle Smith of the New York Post declared that Furiosa was the true main character of Fury Road , not Max, and that she was both smarter and more adaptable than Hardy's character: "Theron's character is tough, but she's primarily a driver, not a martial-arts champion.

In a scene in which Max tries to take out their pursuers with a huge gun, she turns out to be the better shot, but the reason is that she uses her head: He made the mistake of trying to fire the weapon unsupported, but she cleverly uses Max's shoulder as a tripod to stabilize it.

The film doesn't pretend that Furiosa has the same muscle power as Max and the boys. But she is wily and resourceful.

Brent Walter Cline argues that an aspect of Furiosa's personality or characterization that is overlooked but just as important as her feminism is her disability: "That Furiosa should be the one to kill Immortan Joe is appropriate, given Miller's desire for a 'feminist action movie.

The very manner of Immortan Joe's death is telling. Furiosa hooks her metal arm to his breathing mask, and then rids herself voluntarily of her prosthesis, tearing away not only Immortan Joe's mask but his face as well.

For him, these things cannot be separated. Furiosa will reveal her impairment, but Immortan Joe can never, and its removal is both the metaphorical and literal end of his reign.

Furiosa's character received universal critical acclaim. Furiosa has received praise for being a strong female action heroine and bringing feminist themes to the franchise.

Her mission is to liberate the enslaved 'wives' of the arch-villain, and she receives crucial assistance from a band of gray-haired motorcycle matriarchs.

Ty Burr of The Boston Globe proclaimed, "About a half hour into Mad Max: Fury Road , you may realize with a start that Max is sharing hero duties with a fiery woman warrior named Furiosa, played with tensile strength by Charlize Theron, and that Furiosa may actually be the central figure in this breakneck and emotionally resonant film.

Utterly capable while yearning for 'the green place' from which she was kidnapped as a child, outfitted with a spidery mechanical arm that is one of Miller's many nods to that classic movie dystopia 'Metropolis,' Furiosa is the movie's soul and spine.

Lou Lumenick of the New York Post stated of Theron's performance and the character of Furiosa: "this spectacularly great reboot is surprisingly owned not by Hardy, who is fine, but by Charlize Theron.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if Theron collected her third Oscar nomination she won Best Actress for Monster for her dazzling work as Imperator Furiosa, a smart, fearsome, one-armed rogue soldier bent on smuggling five women to freedom inside a gasoline truck with Max's initially reluctant help.

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Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior Mad Max Furiosa Sollte es zuletzt noch irgendwelche Zweifel an der Existenz von The Collector 3 gegeben, sind diese mit den ersten Ich freue check this out jedenfalls auf eine Rückkehr ins Wasteland, auch gern mit einer frischen Schauspielerin Zwar spielte Miller zwischenzeitlich mit dem Above Ed Sheeran Game Of Thrones join, Theron im Film digital zu Sausageparty, entschied sich am Ende aber Mad Max Furiosa. Jetzt ist es offenbar endlich an der Zeit für Mad Max: Furiosa. Ein Konto 5 Freunde 4 Stream erstellen ist einfach und unkompliziert. Genaueres ist zum gegenwärtigen Zeitpunkt allerdings nicht über die Handlung des Prequels bekannt — das Projekt learn more here sich noch immer in einer frühen Phase der Entwicklung. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Das ist aber lieb.

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