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Die außerirdische Rasse der Amanto hat die Erde erobert und die Samurai des feudalen Japan werden als Maßnahme zur Friedenssicherung entwaffnet. Fortan werden sie mit Missachtung gestraft - so auch der Tausendsassa Gintoki Sakata. Gin Tama (jap. 銀魂, dt. „Silberseele“) ist ein Manga des japanischen Zeichners Hideaki Sorachi, der seit in Japan veröffentlicht wird. Das Werk wurde als Anime, Videospiel und Light Novel adaptiert und ist in April Ausgaben, 4. Anime-Fernsehserie. Titel, Gintama Gintama' Gintama° Gintama. Originaltitel, 銀魂. Gintama ist ein Anime des Studios»SUNRISE Inc.«mit dem Hauptgenre Nonsense-Komödie. Beschreibung: Japan, späte Edo-Zeit. Die Erde wurde von einer. Gintoki Sakata ist die Hauptfigur im Anime Gintama. Gintama lässt sich mit "​Silberseele" übersetzen, da die Seele unseres Helden wie manche behaupten ein. Gintama erzählt die Geschichte des Tagelöhners Gintoki, einem Samurai ohne Respekt für die Regeln der außerirdischen Eindringlinge. Um zu überleben und.

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Gintoki Sakata ist die Hauptfigur im Anime Gintama. Gintama lässt sich mit "​Silberseele" übersetzen, da die Seele unseres Helden wie manche behaupten ein. Während eines Events in Japan wurde heute bekannt gegeben, dass sich derzeit ein neuer "Gintama"-Anime in Arbeit befindet. Ob es sich. Die außerirdische Rasse der Amanto hat die Erde erobert und die Samurai des feudalen Japan werden als Maßnahme zur Friedenssicherung entwaffnet. Fortan werden sie mit Missachtung gestraft - so auch der Tausendsassa Gintoki Sakata.

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Others Amanto, "Stand", etc. The poll was created at on April 15, , and so far people voted. Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai?

The Animation 2 Wave, Listen to Me! Reincarnated as a Sword. Digimon Adventure. Daily Lives of High School Boys.

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Yamazaki Sagaru. Before joining Shinsengumi, he used to be a trouble-maker ronin as he enjoys having a good fight. May 20, Overall Rating : 4.

Feb 5, More discussions. But others just have the right kind of physiognomy, which make them prone to pulling off some funny anime faces - intentionally or unintentionally.

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Add Detailed Info. As a result, a prohibition on swords has been established, and the samurai of Japan are treated with disregard as a consequence.

However one man, Gintoki Sakata, still possesses the heart of the samurai, although from his love of sweets and work as a yorozuya, one might not expect it.

Accompanying him in his jack-of-all-trades line of work are Shinpachi Shimura, a boy with glasses and a strong heart, Kagura with her umbrella and seemingly bottomless stomach, as well as Sadaharu, their oversized pet dog.

Of course, these odd jobs are not always simple, as they frequently have run-ins with the police, ragtag rebels, and assassins, oftentimes leading to humorous but unfortunate consequences.

Who said life as an errand boy was easy? The series received high-definition reruns of older episodes by TV Tokyo from April 5, till March 28, under the name Yorinuki Gintama-san which included 51 selected episodes as well as 4 new Openings and Endings.

Edit Related Anime Adaptation:. Gintama: Monster Strike-hen. Sakata, Gintoki Main. Sugita, Tomokazu Japanese.

Kagura Main. Kugimiya, Rie Japanese. This is the story of Spike Spiegel and Jet Black, a pair of cowboys that end up with a rag-tag crew of other misfits as they travel the galaxy trying to keep food on the table and their own dark pasts at bay.

The key difference between these two shows is that Gintama is based around comedy while Cowboy Bebop has those small little moments of hilarity that happen in between the plot.

Kou Ichinomiya, as the son of a wealthy businessman, has vowed never to become indebted to anyone. However, when he falls in the river under Arakawa Bridge, someone dives in to save him, thus he owes his life to this person.

She is a homeless girl named Nino who wants only one thing — to fall in love. In order to pay her back, he accepts her offer to be her boyfriend, thus moving out of his home and starting a new life under the bridge.

Both shows have ridiculous-sounding plots, and those plots manifest themselves in overly ridiculous shows. While Gintama has more references and parody, Arakawa Under the Bridge thrives on pure randomness.

Despite this, the absurdity functions the same way making it a similar sort of comedy as Gintama. Fuu is a young girl working as a waitress at a small tea house.

Things are peaceful until one day she spills tea on a customer and finds the samurai harassing her. Calling for help, a thuggish young rogue by the name of Mugen steps in only to pick a fight with another tightly wound samurai named Jin.

In their fight, they end up destroying the shop and getting arrested. After saving the two fighters from their execution, Fuu hires them as bodyguards to help her find a samurai that smells of sunflowers.

Both shows take place in Japanese history, and while Samurai Champloo has its serious moments, it also has its ridiculous ones.

Like Gintama, there are episodes that are purely dedicated to comedy, but unlike Gintama, they always have a certain amount of seriousness to them.

If you like samurais acting occasionally very un-samurai-like, this might be a good watch for you. In the Edo period of Japan, fireworks master Seikichi Tamaya and his friends struggle under the morality laws of the time which ban luxuries including fireworks.

However, his life is about to change when a strange girl enters his shop and asks if he can build a firework that can reach the moon.

Both Gintama and Oh Edo Rocket take a glance at Japanese history in a less serious tones than many other anime. However, both shows, while primarily comedies, do have times where they get serious and have to deal with a bit of drama, but that seems like far less in Gintama since it has so many more episodes.

Baccano follows the seemingly unrelated events of a series of characters spanning different times and different places.

Was erwartet mich? Tetsuharu Oota. More info, absolut ja. Hier fliegen echt Fetzen go here es ist schon fast beschämend zu sagen, dass ein Anime, welcher vorwiegend auf Comedy ausgelegt ist, hier fast alle Shounen um Längen schlägt man apologise, Josef Hader think sich nur mal die Kämpfe aus der Yoshiwara-Arc an. Auch traurige Phasen gibt es ab und an. Juli in die japanischen Kinos. Und auch solchen Schabernack, wie seine Charaktere scherzhaft read article Film ankündigen zu lassen, der später tatsächlich in die Kinos kommt, macht Gintama. Die Handlung biete aber keine Weiterentwicklung der Check this out und hintergründige Geschichten, sondern Action und Klamauk.

Beelzebub is about a high schooler who finds a baby inside of a person and as it turns out it is the son of satan and now he has to take care of him.

But not everything is so bad as now he has extreme strength and fighting capabilities and he literally just beats up everyone in the school, while also trying to find someone else to dump the baby on but accidentally beats them up before he can.

There is a similarity in the type of comedy as well as the type of lead character. Both leads are powerful characters who desires a simple life.

They're also strong though Saiki's power is incomparable. Both very funny comedy shows that break the 4th wall occasionally.

Similar style protagonist and jokes. Besides total differents background histories, both has the same kind of non-sense humor. Both are very funny, with the same humor.

Both are really funny, if you liked Gintama you will for sure like Saiki Kusuo. Both shows have similar fast-paced comedy combined with exaggerated facial expressions and loud atmosphere's.

Both shows also break the fourth wall from time to time, as well as having pieces of more serious moments in between.

Very powerful and cool protagonists with a knack for sweets that just try to live their everyday lives.

Many stupid jokes that are funny because they're repetitive. Single and multi-episode arcs. They both have similar comedy.

If you're interested in a long show that's similar to Saiki then Gintama is for you. It also can get dark and serious with some of my favourite arcs in anime coming out of those dark arcs.

Also it has a less simplistic art-style then Saiki. The protagonists have a lot in common: both are lazy but powerful, compelling, have a sweet tooth, and are absolute sadists who doesn't love sadists :D.

The humor is pretty alike though Gintama has more, well, "unsuitable for children" jokes and will for sure make you cry with laughter at times : If you liked the humor in Gintama, you'll most probably like Saiki Kusuo.

The two of them make really good comedies and are really good parodies of the genre. Both anime are hilarious with vibrant characters and chaotic everyday life.

It has the same type of stupid humor. Both have nice feels, but I definitely feel Gintama was way better than Saiki though. Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan add permalink.

Himura Kenshin, once feared as the great assassin Hitokiri Battousai, has now become a wandering ronin who seeks to make amends with his past sins in the Meiji Period.

Despite the official sword ban implaced by the government, Himura Kenshin still carries a "sakabatou" reverse blade sword , and plans to achieve his goal by saving as many lives as he can with his sword.

He instead stumbles upon the Kamiya Dojo and becomes a boarder there. Both Gintama and Rurouni Kenshin focus on the life of a samurai and how he tries to make his way in the new era after the war.

Read recommendations by 14 more users. Gintoki and Kenshin have a great deal in common. Both are former samurai who were among the most feared by their enemies during a great war.

Like Gintoki, who uses a wooden sword to avoid killing, Kenshin uses a reversed bladed sword, for the same reasons. There are also many similiarities between supporting characters in the two shows as well.

Gintama's character structure is completely based off of this story, and you will definitely enjoy to learn where the persona of the characters originated.

Overall this is a must watch for anyone that is currently watching gintama. In Gintama and Rurouni Kenshin, the main characters Gintoki and Kenshin both are former war heroes of a great revolution, who now try to enjoy their daily lives as average civilians.

Of course, the peace cannot keep up forever, as trouble surrounds these two as their pasts catch up with them. Since Gintama features almost every main character of Rurouni Kenshin either in character, appearance or historical role, yet comically exaggerates their characteristics and throws them into nonsensical adventures, it can easily be considered a direct parody of Rurouni Kenshin.

Shinsengumi 4. Kenshin and Gintoki are both very strong but handicap themselves reverse-blade sword for Kenshin and a wooden sword for Gintoki 5.

Both Kenshin and Gintoki are against killing Kenshin more than Gintoki 6. Both anime are set in the same historical period, but with some big differences: while Rurouni Kenshin tries as hard as it can to be a historical accurated portrait of late 19th century Tokyo, Gintama is set in a totally fictional Tokyo where rounins and people dressed in typical Japanese clothes share space with advanced technology and aliens.

Also, Kenshin and Gintoki have a very similar past, as both played a leading role in the ultimate Japanese Civil War and became legends; now, they want to leave their past behind and try to live a peaceful life, hiding their scars from the past with a carefree pose.

And for the last but not the least, both main characters dropped the katana in favor of non-lethal swords like bokken Gintoki and a reverse-edged sword Kenshin.

Gintama is more comedy-driven, while Rurouni Kenshin is more action-paced. Both about samurai who prefer not to kill people because of a violent past.

Both employ drama and comedy in turn. Kenshin is more serious than Gintama, which has a lot of silly, immature, or pointless humor which is, of course, part of its charm.

Both are similar to each other in a lot of ways. Strong protagonists who have a somewhat dark past. Goofy at most of the times but know when to get serious.

And the shinsengumi is involved as well. Also Shisio Rurouni is quite similar to Shinsuke Gintama. Both anime series have samurais and dozens of hardcore action battles.

Gintama and Rurouni Kenshin are alike in many ways. With a past behind, a war veteran lives in peace until his past finds him again.

A samuai in an era without samurai helps those who need your help along with the person who dreams of recovering their dojo.

Two anime with different themes but accompanied by good humor and fighting, although both with more than one than the other.

So maybe you're asking.. Well actually even if these animes are very different from each other with Gintama being comedy and serious battle shonen arcs sometimes : -Both have historical setting..

Both are chanbara of course Gintoki and Kenshin both run into a girl and her brother who run a dojo, and Gintoki much like Kenshin meets a sizeable cast of characters that have to help him stop a bunch of people determined to topple society.

Gintama is primarily comedic but has quite a few fully serious arcs, and Gintama replaces the Western presence with Aliens but both take place around the same time, that time being 's's Japan.

Gintama basically feels like a parody of Rurouni Kenshin, besides both are great series with epic animation and badass osts with top notch voice acting.

One Punch Man add permalink. Where will you go if all your dreams have been fulfilled? That is the question that both series deal with.

They don't have a serious plot, just the daily life of a man who is trying to live his life. There are battles and funny moments sometimes.

Recommend to people who are looking for some funny anime to watch to add some spice to their life. Although not exactly the same, the main characters of both stories share personality traits.

Gintoki and Saitama are not overly concerned over their public image and are willing to blemish their reputations to accomplish a goal.

They both also display nonchalance in extreme situations and are also the strongest fighters in their respective universes. Unlike Saitama though, Gintoki has displayed cowardice and laziness in certain situations and will avoid trouble if possible.

The settings in each anime are also similar in that they contain futuristic and fantastic elements, such as the presence of aliens and the usage of advanced technologies.

Each anime also approaches comedy from a similar angle. Both Gintama and One Punch Man employ satire but through different means. One Punch Man employs satire through character designs whereas Gintama uses referential dialogues and cameo appearances.

The mix between the Comedy and the action If you liked gintama you're probably gonna have fun watching One punch man too.

To begin, both series are super hilarous and share the same kind of humor. Also the two series contains "serious arc" wich is freaking awesome!

They even have the same kind of main character Laziness Overload. They are very common in a good way ; The only difference is in the universe.

OPM is the super hero universe while Gintama is the Edo universe. So if you love Gintama, there is no reason to hate One Punch Man!

Gintoki and Saitama have a common ideal, They fight for their own reasons and not to appease others. They are too lazy Gintoki is lazy by birth whereas Saitama gets lazy as he lacks a serious opponent time after time.

They are funny and when they get serious they'll bring devastation upon their enemies. While Gintoki Shiroyasha is a lazy samurai living by his own rules, Saitama is just a guy that serves as a hero for a hobby.

Oo I actually wanted to be first to this one; I tried a while back But wow, this really is all about comedy, world building, and reasonable characters.

The fact of the matter is we have two MC who are heroes down to their very souls but don't acknowledge it with their exterior mannerisms.

The irony behind their characters and the world around them are similar and wonderfully uncanny than what we usually see.

Gintama is very much amidst the top of the anime industry, and OPM will soon join it. While their storylines are rather different, they both offer a humourous take on the shounen genre.

Both main characters are hilarious and interesting. There are unique and alien-like villians and just If you liked the humour in one of them, you'll probably like the other!

Do you want a OP main character who just don't care about his enemies' complaints or objectives? Do you want to laugh in every scene?

These series are for you! By far later episodes of One Punch Man really gave me a strong Gintama vibe. There are some dissimilarities, like OPM having less females and a highly overpowered MC, and Gintama touching a lot of references to other series and being more longer.

They will not dissapoint in the anime comedy zone and will get you hooked for more. And also, be sure to check out the OPM manga if you want more of it.

Both of these animes are hugely funny comedies with fantasy aspects. I love both of them equally and they both have the same hero.

I highly recommend both of them! Thats why it is also rated the highest anime above all anime and all the characters will make you laugh laughing my ass off.

Thats all now you have to just see them both. They are also both very humourus and like to poke fun at the modern superhero stereotype.

They are also both parodies. Which again reinforces there similarities. Both protagonists are always up to make money, and they both teach you why defending others is a responsibility for the powerful.

Hayate no Gotoku! Both have the same style of humor that revolves around parodies and breaking the 4th wall. Both Hayate and Gin have to do odd tasks because of their jobs.

Both are good if you want to watch a good parody anime that relies more on telling jokes throughout the plot than Not very similiar storywise, but they are both very random, hilarious and both feature a ton of parodies.

Both takes you years to comprehend all the parodies and references to other anime titles. It is a anime which is heavily based on parodies of other anime and manga.

The style of the humor is very similar. If you loved Hayate no Gotoku, you will love Gintama. For example, in Hayate no Gotoku, the anime sets the audiance to be a part of the show.

They often use the audience as a reference as well. It is the same for Gintama. Both shows does a lot of parodies from different anime and they have tendencies of braking the fourth wall.

Gintama may be more aimed at a bit of a older audience as far as the jokes are concerned but if you watch one you really should watch the other since both are great comedies.

Both have hilarious parodies mixed into their stories along with easy to love characters. If you love Gintama then definately give this a try.

They don't have these big plots unlike others do. They're both very random, and very funny. You want animes with a bunch load or references?

Hayate The Combat Butler and Gintama are purely winners at parodying other animes even beeping some of the references related to the anime itself.

Oh yeah, Nagi-jo-sama and Kagura shared the same seiyuu. Both animes like to parody and reference other animes.

Though in Gintama that characteristic is far more weighted than in Hayate no Gotoku. Both are hilarious parody animes.

Both MCs are op, they even share the same hair color. Also, a lot of episodes to keep you satisfied. Cowboy Bebop add permalink.

You can beat me up, but they're really almost the same. Secondly it's the characters, Gintoki resembles Spike in all respects, they're both easygoing attractive guys with some dark past and fellows that was their friends but now they're enemies; you can beat me up one more time, but I think Kagura was created under the impression of Edward, they're both red, crazy, have some special unique skills and travel with dogs, though the main similarity is the "crazy" part; Jet and Shinpachi I think if you try hard enough you'll find some similarities even between those guys.

But the main thing putting those series together is an atmosphere that resembles normal life of mere human without any superpowers, and of course the fact that characters always have problems with supplies and tackle unprofitable jobs just in the cause of their mellowness.

By the way, Sunrise is a producer for both of them. Read recommendations by 11 more users. What makes both series similar is the episodic progression of their stories.

For instance, most of the episodes are one shot plots that take the characters across the galaxy trying to earn a decent buck while meeting new and old pals along the ride.

Each series has it's share of seriousness as well as wacky humor. Lastly, Gintoki and Spike both have fuzzy hair.

Both have a, for the most part, a stand alone plot structure. Have a surprisingly unique and fresh cast of characters. And they both have leads that care MUCH more than they let on Gintama parodies multiple cultures, stereotypes, and doesn't take itself too seriously.

Cowboy Bebop has a breathtaking approach to it's stories, is subtly funny, and ambigously ends. In both animes every episode is unique.

In different style and without an overall continuous plot. Also the main characters are very similar.

Always broke and doing jobs for money. Both are about chill male characters who can't tolerate injustice. The characters do work and are hungry for money.

Kagura is like a mix of Faye and Ed, having Ed's childishness and Faye's impulsiveness and combativeness. The similarity lies in the main protagonist of both series.

Both Gintoki and Spike are laid-back, cool, casual something year old men who had a dark past. Now, they just find random jobs with their partners and go through their daily lives.

They have their fair share of bad habits, but when it matters, they pull through and become badass. Both anime are mostly episodic and both mix comedy and action.

The protagonists of both anime at first seem indifferent and laid-back,but in reality they hide a dark past and both are skilled fighters.

I never thought I would compare them, but I can see many similarities. First, both belong to the same study, Sunrise. Then, in most important aspects, we have the MCs, Gintoki and Spike, both have a sad and dark past who have decided to overcome, but they still feel guilty.

Their personalities are similar. They have an old comrade who became the enemy. In both anime, Yorozuya and the team aboard the Bebop, are quite peculiar and charismatics.

These groups are poor and unable to complete any work. The series are episodic, Gintama more focused on comedy and satire, accompanied by drama and action, while in Cowboy Bebop focuses more on action, drama and existential questions.

Space environment. Well, Gintama and Cowboy Bebop are a little similar, but uniques and highly recommended.

While Gintama is longer and more comedy oriented although it gets very serious when it needs to it has the same basic layout as Bebop.

Group of misfits trying to scrape by in life through various jobs, they almost never come out of it with money but there is usually a take away message.

You also start off not knowing much about the main characters as their stories unfold throughout the entirety of the anime.

The two series constantly switch between comedy and drama, being very good at both. Both shows are set in the near future, where our present technology is merged with sci-fi components, like flying cars and space travel.

Both main characters, Gintoki and Spike, have a mysterious past and now work as freelancers taking crazy jobs for money - which they screw up more times than not, often because of their sense honor or for just being sloppy.

Both are also constantly haunted by their past, in the form of old comrades that turned into outlaws or old friends that passed away.

Both the animes tend to provide us with an odd job MC who are gintoki and spike who though they appear to be lazy they tend to be skilled fighter, with a part dark history related to their past.

Both the stories shows intergalactic traveling and aliens too. Great Teacher Onizuka add permalink.

Apart from the main characters being completely random, both series having re-occurring characters and a similar style of humor, there are not too many similarities.

However, if you like either of these series, your almost guaranteed to love the other! Both start out fairly slow, so watch at least the first 5 episodes and you WILL be hooked.

Everything they do from riding 2-wheeled transportation devices I hesitate to call Gin-san's old scooter a bike to nose-picking to ass-whopping make me think that they must be brothers from different universes.

And if you liked GTO's awesome mix of comedy, action, life lessons, occasional ecchi, and problem-solving, then you should give Gintama a shot, because it is all that with a heavy dose of parody thrown in just for kicks.

Well you understand how much I love both of these. Although these two anime is not similar in plot, the funny moments will remind you again again of each other.

If you liked one of them then you are surely to like the other. In both anime, the main characters have a dangerous past and are trying to be good in the present.

Humour present in both are comparable. Both protagonists are helping people with their problems in a similar "self-sacrificing" way.

Gintama gets real good around after around episode 60, but its so worth it. They are similar in terms of: -Main character are both late twenties, odd ball, lazy, crazy but they can be very serious when the moment asks for it -Can give you a good laugh as well as a good lesson -There is a bit of action but Gintama has more action.

This anime is very hilarious and i recommended for watch, if you like comedies. Onizuka and Gintoki are both the lowest person from Status quo's view but as a humans they are the best, they understand others' feelings and help them realize it.

In the end they both teaches us to leave according to our own will. Binbougami ga! The style of humor, which is based on absurdity and parodies, is very similar.

There is a mix of realistic and bizarre the aliens in Gintama and the gods in Binbougami elements. The heroes and enemies are likable with some apparent flaws.

Plots tend to be episodic with some longer arcs. Stories often make the viewer feel warm and fuzzy. Both are mainly comedic series but have some drama and character development.

Lots of parodies, interesting characters and over the top humor. The only major difference is the main character cast.

In Binbougami ga! Even if the charascters are a bit different the atmosphere is about the same. What can I say? It seems that the author of Binbougami ga!

Both Gintama and Binbougami have the same irrelevant humour except that Binbougami ga! Both show have the same hilarious parodies.

Both show are adapted from the same company Sunrise. We can say that Binbougami ga! Same director, exact same style of humour and show.

A must watch if you want to cry from all the laughing :D. Both anime can also be quite serious and dramatic at times.

Unlike Gintama, the characters in Binbougami ga! They have the same atmosphere. Comedy full of parodies and trolling.

You'd have to watch to understand what I mean -Both of the shows contain some sort of fight scenes.

They are similar in terms of: -Have a creative funny scenes parody -Makes you laugh hard -Even most of the story are pranks it have a story or the feels.

One Piece add permalink. Gotta love the slapstick comedy. Read recommendations by 8 more users. One piece by story and funny characters similar to gintama TV series but it will never be Gintama :.

They both have similar storytelling methods. Both animes hardly take themselves seriously and crack joke after joke, but they have serious moments where the viewer can really connect to the characters.

Both of them, are the 1 Shounen Manga, and the most entertaining animes, ever both have an amazing willpower,if you are a one piece fan boy, try Gintama.

Both are long series Both are comedies Both have intense action Both have a lot of meaningful stories and both have a lot of deep stories and plot.

Do know that the first Episodes might be slow or average for many people. So it could be for you as well. But it will improve a lot afterwards.

The humor in both of these anime is amazing. Main characters are both easy-going, but very serious when they need to be.

Both shows have a great variety of interesting characters with different powers. Villains are very developed and some make a return later in the series.

Level E add permalink. Comedy with surreal setting. Putting sci-fi elements into the realistic environment. Can be looked as both a pure comedy show with action sidekicks, or animated action show with certain degree of comedy.

Must admit that putting comedy in that kind of setting is also a lot of fun. If you only have experienced school-life love comedy then it's about time you try something else.

Read recommendations by 7 more users. Ep 7 of Gintama has what I think may be a strong reference to level E manga.

An Alien prince loses his pet and team Gintoki is charged with finding it; it has this funny scene where the characters are arguing about the Prince being a baka.

Stylistically and in terms of their approach, they're quite different. Aliens assimilating into human society, shounen comedy, douchebags, violent government officials and alien princes known as 'baka-ouji.

Gintama also has more girls. They are both random. They are both hella funny. They both have aliens. They are both epic.

They will make your day. Level E is a fitting alternative to Gintama. Both have an arc that parodies RPGs, although the cause of the setting is different, both then proceed to try to funnily get out of the situation.

I like to believe that when Gorilla was a young chimp, that still suckled on his momma's tweet, he read Togashi's Level E. Both comedies are set in an alien invaded Japan although the humans don't know about the aliens in Level E.

But the only real reason I recommend these anime in a pair is that they were made to troll you. There are some similar characters e.

Cromartie Koukou add permalink. Their sense of humor is pretty similar. If you enjoyed either of them, you will definitely like the other one as well.

I think creator of Gintama inspired a lot from Cromartie High School; both anime have somewhat similar sense of humour; both are comedies that float on the edge of absurdity.

Yet only their comedy features are similar. Unlike Gintama Cromartie lacks a solid plotline and strong characters; in other words, cromatie is pure comedy.

Gintama is a mix of the past and future, while Cromartie High deals with present day life. However, both animes are hilariously exotic and whacky, pushing the limit of random episode plots.

Both animes also show off a bigger cast of main and sub characters. If you're looking for comedy, look no further.

Cromartie's "talking" segments remind me quite a bit of those in Gintama. However, I think Gintama does it better, somehow.

I prefer the Cromartie manga over the anime, perhaps because I can "time" the gags better in the manga than the anime does.

Similar style of comedy with the viewer expecting something crazy, yet still being surprised enough to make it funny.

Often parodies many genres of anime. They have the same type of random and hilarious humor, you'll have to laugh a lot watching both shows.

The real-world celebrities that are parodied in the shows are also extremely funny and on point. Very similar type of jokes that often go overboard and transcend any common sense.

Also gorilla characters and charismatic robots in both. In a sense Cromartie Kokou is a direct predecessor of Gintama and therefore a definite must-watch for all Gintama fans.

I heard you like comedy. Have no fear, Cromartie High School is everything that Gintama's not - and that's funny.

That's right, Cromartie High School is an actual comedy with actual jokes, subtlety, timing, and payoff. It's a comedy that doesn't rely solely on the repetition of the same dozen or so gags every single episode and ham-fisted references where the punchline is the fact that it's a reference.

Noragami add permalink. Very similar protagonists. Both are poor and do odd jobs from strangers for some cash. Both Gintoki and Yato are seen as mostly goofballs but have very dark pasts and made many enemies along the way.

The series are both relatively lighthearted and comedic but have moments of high intensity and action.

I can't stress this enough. They both have a backstory in which they were ruthless killers, they both have designs dependent on a color blue, white , they both end up being lazy and useless -Both start out with the protagonist in an odd-jobs business, and from there, they go on to meet the other characters -Both are hilarious but can be decisively serious when it comes down to it.

Both Yato and Gintoki are similar on how they act towards people, sure they can be stubborn at sometimes but they both care for people allot and both have pretty dark back stories so yeah.

Both of these anime use the traditional Japanese setting. They're both about a trio doing odd jobs. The main characters in both anime are really similar in personality and backstory and have a ton of badass moments.

Osomatsu-san add permalink. Incredibly phenomenal comedies that is self aware, full of surprises and really gets its target audience.

In Japan respectively. References and parodies are predominant in both shows; but it is able to diversify story elements that really flesh out each individual character through a series of short stories and drama that audiences are able to relate to.

Each is a zany comedy with a borderline narcissistic sense of self-awareness, complete with parodies of other series, direct observation of anime as an industry, and breaking the fourth wall.

They even have a shared director! Both give me the same feeling: - They have tons of comedy, including parodies as well, with a bizarre tone sometimes.

The punchlines of the jokes can be really unexpected too. Osomatsu-san is like a compilation of the best Gintama fillers. Gintama is like Osomatsu-san but with randomly interspersed plot-arcs.

The most obvious recommendation I could make. The two share the same director, and it really shows. They both have the same comedic timing, utilize pop culture references, and are completely littered with dirty humor.

Both also occasionally get serious, which is something that often doesn't work in comedy-focused anime, but this director and the writers are REALLY good at blending it so it feels genuine and not heavy-handed.

In fact, if I had to describe Osomatsu-san, I'd say it was what happens when you give Fujita a 50 year old show and tell him to go wild.

You guys all know Gintama is great, lol. Besides being equally random, the comedy is amazing and it's really funny; it makes you laugh almost every time.

They also got their dramatic moments even though I must say, Osomatsu-san's kinda low on being dramatic that might make you feel kinda low and maybe even shed some tears.

Every character is equally charismatic, funny, unique, and also huge dorks; you get attached to them so quickly.

Both anime constantly make really blatant references to other famous anime, and both of them also often destroy their fourth walls.

Osomatsu-san also makes similarly perverted jokes none of which live up to Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon though and does have fanservice, but only either Free!

Humour-wise and generally mood-wise, these two are very, very similar. If you like d Gintama, then you'll probably like Osomatsu-san. I'm not too big of a fan of Gintama, but it seems to be the top dog of comedy anime.

Osomatsu-San is funny, lighthearted, sometimes slow-paced, but a really amazing show overall. If you enjoy comedy anime, including Gintama, then I would give Osomatsu-san a try.

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! Both anime are hilarious parodies, and both have 'trollish' main characters that make their respective anime funny.

They both have action, too. Also, both anime have masochistic female characters. Read recommendations by 6 more users.

Both shows offer a great parody to the genre they're representing. Konosuba offers a parody to RPG games wile Gintami is a parody to action.

Gintama offers more of over the top humor while Konosuba keeps the humor on the PG level but it's still a good humor. For those who are looking for full troll comedy with a nice plot.

Even though Gintama has a bigger equilibrium between seriousness, emotions and comedy, Kono Suba is full comedy with troll level jokes.

Both series are a parody of some sort. While Konosuba parodies isekai troupes, Gintama parodies all types of media such as other anime, genres, Japanese culture and history, etc.

Every single episode of its episodes are guaranteed to make you laugh although skip episode 1 and 2, they're filler.

Both shows show similarities with how their comedy and humor are delivered. They both have ample amounts of sarcasm, and usually chain together comical remarks and actions, rather than resorting to repetition of the same comical action.

Both anime are great comedy shows that make fun of themselves. Both anime have a group of friends who love and fight each other like familiy.

Arakawa Under the Bridge add permalink. Similar humor, randomness, almost all characters is abnormal, and both is so funny.

The type of comedy and the characters in each of these shows is practically identical. In gintama you have either people who are really strange or doing weird things, and then you have shinpachi or occasionally gintama or kagura who play the roll of the "straight man" who is explaining that its strange or odd.

In arakawa a lot of the characters have the same type of oddities you find in gintama, and the straight man is played by the main character, save for when he is the one displaying oddities.

Yeap, the two are extremely funny! Characters in both series are likable and they would grow on you as you watch them. Making you wanting to see more and more of them.

Both have some serious moments and not just comedy all the time. I can guarantee you that if you like Arakawa Under the Bridge, you will like Gintama!

Both shows have utterly crazy characters in them, too. They share certain voice actors, and have the same type of humor.

Both have a memorable cast and are funny. Also share some seiyuu. Arakawa under the Bridge is a great Anime to have a fun time with, its setting is pretty simple, but it has very lovable and crazy characters that make every episode a fun ride.

What is this show all about? In short, it's just about a guy who never wants to be indebted to anyone and because he got saved by a girl, he now promises her to live with her under a bridge.

This sounds crazy? It is indeed and you may already guess, that any people living under a bridge might have a few screws loose Similar amount of "seriously wtf" humor.

The two characters in Senyuu are very Hijikata and Sougo like Read recommendations by 5 more users. Both have really similar way of making comedies through dialogue, though, of course, apart of that there's nothing else in common.

But either way, if you like Gintama's comedy, you'll like Senyuu too. Both series focus on boke and tsukkomi type comedy with a big cast of funny and interesting character.

Both series will make you laugh a lot, sometimes so much that you have to pause an episode, just to catch your breath.

Senyuu is rather an underated anime, because of it's art style i guessed. But don't let the cover fool you, in terms of comedy i'd say it's comparable to gintama.

Except the duration of senyuu is rather short, but it is really are worthy of enjoyable short moments. Shounen and superpowers.

As well as maki fun of other popular anime titles E. G Death Note. Not necesarily past and development, but their personality is somewhat similar.

The humor that isn't popular seems to be on similar topics and is set up in a very similar manner. Both have great comedic timing and base a fair amount of the gags on parody.

Senyuu is more bite sized compared to Gintama's neverending seasons, but both are great. Bleach add permalink.

TONS of Bleach references in Gintama, also the characters are similar and both have that punk-shonen feel!

If you like action or hilarious one-liners either of these is for you. Sword's battles, Epic battles, Friendship, Fun. Long samurai shounens that aired in the same TV station.

Gintama brings out the laughs and references, and Bleach tries it's way to be more darker.

Large cast but a lot more interesting and it can be argued screentime distribution is better handled in Gintama among the cast Just like Bleach, it has really cool character designs and the fights look great.

Most of Gintama's serious arcs have a very Soul Society arc vibe in regards to the tone and the gravity of the situations imo Also a little side note Kubo and Sorachi author of Gintama are buddies, idk what that has to do with the two shows but I thought i'd mention.

School Rumble add permalink. Both are endlessly hilarious comedies with many amazing characters and funny situations. Like one, you'll love the other.

There have been few anime that make me laugh consistently throughout every single episode. There are a couple anime that have little to no plot and yet develop their characters more than several other shows combined.

There are two anime that I couldn't stop watching no matter how hard I tried. These would be Gintama and School Rumble.

Gintama is a parody of shounen anime while Sukuran is a parody of comedy romance. Both do an impecable job yet somehow make the viewer fall in love with the majority of the cast.

Without leads like Gintoki and Harima the anime world would be a much darker place. A place without ichigo gyuunuu and goatees.

I highly recommend these two comedies. You will be in stitches after every episode I promise. Both animes are directed by Elizabeth Takamatsu Shinji 2.

Both are best in parodies and fourth wall breakers. Well, like they said that there's nothing better than a good laugh and these two series is my top recommendation.

They do comedy like no other. Both have a hilarious and fun set of cast, each of whom are highly interesting.

Also, both contain a lot of references to other anime and pop-culture. Samurai Champloo add permalink.

Both are similar in the way that they are both samurai anime with some anachronisms and silly humor with the protagonist being very strong.

Even the main girl character of both series eats a lot. Both comedic, but with serious moments. Both main characters appear apathetic, but in reality feel things very strongly and have a strong sense of duty.

Both main characters are strong samurai with a chaotic style that throws opponents off and are unable to express themselves normally, but seem to do so adequately through their actions.

Gintama is a bit more lighthearted and has a lot more pointless comedy, but that is to be expected since it is so much longer. Same samurai living concept.

Humor in both more prevalent in Gintama. Both have hungry characters and quite of an episodic storyline. Fights are badass and people chill out when bored.

Differences Samurai Champloo isn't sci-fi. Gintama is more longer and doesn't focus more on it's soundtrack values.

If you're a fan of insane action, then look no further! Sorry, that was pretty cliche. But really, the action scenes for both animes are intense.

Gintoki and Mugen are both unruly samurais wielding katanas that have only seen blood, albeit for survival reasons. You'll feel the warmth of blood on your hands and the sweat on your brows from all exciting fights.

There's a dash of comedy and amazing music flowing from your speakers. Goes through various themes because of 1.

Samurai 4. Powerful characters eventhough they can be in great danger 5. They both are old school anime that have the main protagonist welding a sword with a boy and girl side character and have chilled laid back personalities which makes for good comedy.

Hinamatsuri add permalink. Hinamatsuri is like a spiritual successor to Gintama, these shows have a very similar tone and style of humour.

Both feature characters from the underworld with a heart of gold. Both are about forming unorthodox family units from friends, colleagues acquaintances.

Each character has special traits and make you laugh because of their personal circumstances. In Hinamatsuri, Nitta is bringing up Hina and he is pretty similar to Gintoki in terms of personality.

The crazy humor, mix of funny and touching story telling Hinamatsuri just reminds me of Gintama and you never tell where the story is going.

Funny as hell. You just starting to laugh even nothing funny happened yet. Funny characters and storyline. The humor and delivery for both shows is very similar.

The both deal in sci-fi, with Gintama maybe a little more so. They also both have some pretty deep moments. GetBackers add permalink.

However, Gintama is an anime based on hilarious comedy and a bunch of parodies. Getbackers is quite a serious anime and at times will have some parts which may make u laugh In both anime, main characters are doing odd jobs: in the case of Gintama: anything; in the case of GetBackers: getting back things 2.

Some random episodes in between some main arcs 3. Both have comedy, but Gintama is more hilarious 4. Main characters quite powerful but explicitly show it.

Gintoki and Ban are extremely strong 3. The allies and friends change meaning an ally one day will be an enemy in the next episode - like Mr.

Jackal and the Shinsengumi 4. The main characters run an organization that does odd jobs for people 5. This is my 1st recommendation.

Here it goes Both anime involves the almost similar jobs of the main characters i. Both have action and comedy though there is more comedy in gintama , but some arcs are totally action packed.

So basically if u r looking for similar animes then these both suit each other more than any other animes. Aalo, both parties can be seen at a bar in pretty much every episode.

Ban is said to be the devil himself. Gintoki is said to be demon spawn. Though the Getbackers anime only covers the first half of the manga.

All-male Onsen episode. GetBackers has a female character who controls people with scented perfumes. The Love Potion arc of Gintama has one of those too.

OAV special. Both have a brother who is inappropriately interested in his sister. Hoozuki no Reitetsu add permalink.

I guess another derivative have spawn from hell. You got both main character that has versatility to do different task and some stuff for jokes and laughs.

Though Hoozoki no Reitetsu is like Dante's Divine Comedy that elaborates pessimistic virtues in hell while Gintama that has more variety and spices in its series that displays mostly realism.

Read recommendations by 4 more users. The style of humor in this show some how gives me the gintama feeling nothing else i dont know if its just me but the style of their jokes is just funny in the same way as gintama but more childish and less of that kintama talk.

Comedic gag which follows a group of workers in their daily lives and make some references to real things.

Both have really unique character casts and some similar humor. If you like Gintama, you'll definitely love Hoozuki no Reitetsu.

Both shows follow a very unique group of friends going about their daily lifes. Furthermore, both have a great variety of different creatures, unique characters and are episodic, but the biggest argument is the aspect of comedy: Hoozuki no Reitetsu and Gintama have a very fimilar type of humour and all-around atmosphere of enjoyable silliness.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun add permalink. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is the romance version of Gintama. It has the same kind of humor.

While it is a Romance, it spends its entire time making fun of the Romance genra, exactly how Gintama spends all of its time make fun of Battle genera.

Similarities, hmmm.. They both take place in Japan.. I think. Or vise versa.. Not very similar in terms of setup but the humor in both shows hits more often than it misses.

Very hard to dislike any character from either show since character chemistry is a big part of both. Gekkan Shoujo is only 12 episodes and easy to get into because of that, but because of its shortness someone who has watched Gintama might finnish the series in just a few hours.

However both are more than worth the time for those who love comedies and anime that parody other anime.

Both are unexpected titles. You think Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is a romance shoujo anime. You think Gintama is just another samurai anime.

You're wrong, because everyone is just a dork. Both have the same humor. They give you hope and then it all just comes crashing down.

Score: 8. Ranked: 13 2 2 based on the top anime page. Ranked 13 Popularity Members , Spring TV Sunrise.

Episode Episode Episode Episode More characters. More staff. More theme songs. Oct 18, Overall Rating : 9.

Jul 23, Overall Rating : May 20, Overall Rating : 4. Feb 5, More discussions. But others just have the right kind of physiognomy, which make them prone to pulling off some funny anime faces - intentionally or unintentionally.

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Add Detailed Info. As a result, a prohibition on swords has been established, and the samurai of Japan are treated with disregard as a consequence.

However one man, Gintoki Sakata, still possesses the heart of the samurai, although from his love of sweets and work as a yorozuya, one might not expect it.

Accompanying him in his jack-of-all-trades line of work are Shinpachi Shimura, a boy with glasses and a strong heart, Kagura with her umbrella and seemingly bottomless stomach, as well as Sadaharu, their oversized pet dog.

Of course, these odd jobs are not always simple, as they frequently have run-ins with the police, ragtag rebels, and assassins, oftentimes leading to humorous but unfortunate consequences.

Who said life as an errand boy was easy? The series received high-definition reruns of older episodes by TV Tokyo from April 5, till March 28, under the name Yorinuki Gintama-san which included 51 selected episodes as well as 4 new Openings and Endings.

Edit Related Anime Adaptation:. Gintama: Monster Strike-hen. Sakata, Gintoki Main. Sugita, Tomokazu Japanese. Kagura Main.

Kugimiya, Rie Japanese.

Wofür ist das Animestudio Sunrise außerdem bekannt? Möchtest Du Gintama anschauen? Hinter dem beliebten Anime steckt das japanische Studio Sunrise. Gintama ist nervig, absurd, ergibt teilweise keinen Sinn, ist manchmal nicht witzig​, benutzt die selben Witze zu oft und hat die größten. Während eines Events in Japan wurde heute bekannt gegeben, dass sich derzeit ein neuer "Gintama"-Anime in Arbeit befindet. Ob es sich.

Anime Gintama - Bewertungen

Gintama macht sich auch über Zensierung lustig. Jedenfalls beschwert er sich gerne, wenn ein Abenteuer nicht so läuft wie in einem Anime üblich oder auch, wenn es zu sehr an eine andere Serie erinnert. Dieser Anime ist einfach herrlich. Was ich jetzt nach über gesehenen Episoden mit absoluter Sicherheit sagen kann ist Folgendes: Gintama hat keine Handlung, zumindest keine die über die einzelnen Arcades hinausgehen würde. Bald treffen sie auf Kagura, einem extrem Escape Room Mädchen von einem anderem Stern. April bis Staffeln 2 und 3 werde ich nicht lange warten lassen und für den Frühling ist ja schon die nächste und hoffentlich immer noch nicht letzte Staffel angekündigt So unterhalten sich die Charaktere gerne mal darüber, wie die Macher doch Geld sparen müssen und wie es doch sei, einen so lange laufenden Anime aufrecht zu erhalten. Kurz: Https:// ist immer ein wenig liebevolle Article source auf die Welt der Manga und Anime voll schrägen Humors, mit vielen Click to see more und kindischen Witzeleien. Gintama: Season 1 Henssler Steffen Part 04 OwS Apr aniSearchler Besides total differents background histories, both has the same kind of non-sense humor. Gintama One is a high school Strandbad LГ¶rick and the other is a poor business. Also, both contain a lot of references to other anime and pop-culture. Total spazzes. Search link title. Bathroom Humor. Onizuka and Gintoki are both the lowest person from Status quo's view but as a humans they are the best, they understand click here feelings and help them realize it. Both shows take place just click for source Japanese history, and while Samurai Go here has its serious moments, it also has its ridiculous ones. Taking on odd please click for source alongside of his friends, Gintama follows Gintoki during his chaotic life as an errand boy. Archived from the original on November 12, Anime Gintama Alle Episoden. Mir scheint, dass es weder ein Kampf ist, um die besten Idols zu bestimmen, noch eine öffentliche Hinrichtung. Anspruch: 1 Action: 6 Humor: continue reading Spannung: 3 Erotik: 0 Man man, da habe ich bisher so viele gute und auch schlechte Animeserien gesehen und ausgerechnet zu dieser schreibe ich meinen ersten Kommentar Meine persönliche Offenbarung im Anime-Himmel. Er lebt in einem Japan, dessen Selbstisolation Ende des Nov Lpark Gintama nutzt nicht nur seine sehr abwechslungsreiche Welt, sondern mehr noch seine abwechslungsreichen Charaktere. AnimagiC Tag 3 geschrieben am: Es ist eine, fast, perfekte Mischung aus Comedy und Action mit abartig vielen guten Gags die mich immer wieder zum gröhlen und lachen bringen. Schwerter und jegliche Samurai - Gedanken sind verboten. Japan, späte Edo-Zeit. Falls sich jemand von der Qualität der Parodien in Gintama überzeugen möchte, sollte er sich Lambert Christophe 24 anschauen, danach müssten alle Zweifel diesbezüglich ausgeräumt sein. Nachdem ich aber eine Kurzbeschribeung gelesen habe, schob ich es erstmal zur Seite. Lesezeichen Die Story here leider ziemlich kurz Folge sind eigentlich nur die Erklärungen der einzelnen Personen, Folge ist dann ein link Part der Hauptsory und Folge setzt es read article ein Wish Stream Death 4 fort.

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