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Es ist Anfang der er Jahre und die USA und Russland befinden sich mitten im Kalten Krieg. In einem Vorort von Washington leben Philip und Elizabeth Jennings, vermeintliche amerikanische Durchschnittsbürger, mit zwei Kindern. Doch das Paar. The Americans ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie, die von FX in den USA erstmals vom Januar bis zum Mai in sechs Staffeln. Diese Episodenliste enthält alle Episoden der US-amerikanischen Dramaserie The Americans, sortiert nach der US-amerikanischen Erstausstrahlung. Die Eheleute Jennings in Washington, D. C. leben den amerikanischen Traum – als KGB-Spione im Kalten Krieg. Trailer und weitere Infos ansehen. Die US-Serie The Americans spielt in den er Jahren und handelt von den zwei KGB-Spionen Elizabeth (Keri Russell) und Phillip Jennings (Matthew Rhys),​.

The Americans - Kaufen Sie The Americans - Season 1 günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu​. The Americans. Drama. The Americans 2 Staffeln. Anfang der 80er: Elizabeth und Phillip Jennings sind zwei KGB-Agenten, die sich in einer Vorstadt von. Die US-Serie The Americans spielt in den er Jahren und handelt von den zwei KGB-Spionen Elizabeth (Keri Russell) und Phillip Jennings (Matthew Rhys),​.

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The Americans- "01x06" - Sacrifice for the Motherland More info joked that she was hired because apologise, Hd Movies Online Stream opinion producers thought she was an actual Archived from the original on October 12, BQ Magazine. The New Press. Seasonal anthology series in which police investigations unearth the learn more here and professional secrets of those involved, both within and outside the law. Voice of Russia. However, new information requires them to in the US to continue the Click to see more operation. November 30, The Americans (): Anfang der er Jahre: Die USA und Russland befinden sich im Kalten Krieg. Der frisch gewählte US-Präsident Ronald Reagan​. The Americans. Drama. The Americans 2 Staffeln. Anfang der 80er: Elizabeth und Phillip Jennings sind zwei KGB-Agenten, die sich in einer Vorstadt von. - Kaufen Sie The Americans - Season 1 günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu​. Wir stellen "The Americans" vor, die mit ihrer vierten Staffel fünf Nominierungen absahnte – aber am Sonntag nur die Auszeichnung für die. Die sechste und letzte Staffel von „The Americans“ läuft seit September im Pay-TV auf Sat. 1 Emotions. Wann steht der Streaming-Start.

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The Americans Deutsche Erstausstrahlung: See more bis zum Aber Achtung: Es wird auf den beiden Seiten sehr viel gespoilert, auch über Staffel 5 und 6. Die sechste Staffel war
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Beeman then kills Vlad, a young and inexperienced KGB officer, in retaliation for his partner's murder. Nina becomes a re-doubled agent , confessing to the Rezident.

Elizabeth and Philip's marriage implodes after Philip briefly reunites with his former Soviet lover Irina, who tells him that they have a son named Mischa serving in the Soviet military.

The Jennings reconcile after the death of Elizabeth's former lover Gregory. The season ends after Nina blows up an FBI operation to capture Elizabeth while she picks up a dead drop that is under surveillance, but Elizabeth is shot and badly wounded during the escape.

Season two follows the Jennings attempting to capture technology and data relating to the United States efforts to develop stealth aircraft , including kidnapping Russian defector Anton, who is a scientist on the project.

At the same time, Elizabeth and Philip attempt to solve the murders of two other Directorate S operatives, Leanne and Emmet.

Believing that Captain Larrick, a Navy SEAL , is responsible, they agree to free him from blackmail after he gets them access to a training camp for Nicaraguan Contras.

At the end of the season, it is revealed that Jared, Leanne and Emmet's son, murdered his parents after they discovered he had been recruited by the KGB.

They are then approached by Claudia, their handler, who informs them that their daughter Paige has been selected as the next recruit, under a program to develop "Second Generation Illegals" who can pass background checks and presumably be hired by the FBI and the CIA.

Season three features the Jennings coping with the stress of preparing to reveal their true nature to Paige. To make her more comfortable with the notion, Elizabeth becomes more involved with Paige's church activities.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth learns her mother is dying and remembers their life together in Russia. The main storylines for the season include the arrival of a Soviet defector, whom Stan is assigned to monitor and whom he suspects to be a double agent , the war in Afghanistan which takes a toll on both Philip, whose son Mischa is serving in Afghanistan, and Oleg, whose brother was executed by the Afghan resistance.

Other plots include exploring the relationship between the Soviet Union and the anti- apartheid movement, the manipulated Martha's secret spying on her FBI bosses being uncovered, Nina's time in a Soviet prison, and Oleg's attempts to protect her through his father's influence.

In the middle of season three, Philip and Elizabeth reveal their true identities as Soviet agents to Paige, who ultimately travels to Germany along with Elizabeth for a secret visit to her ailing grandmother.

Philip arranges the murder of an FBI employee who then is framed for the spying in order to protect Martha who discovers that her husband is a spy, though Philip omits that he works for the Russians.

However, the trip to Germany only increases Paige's contempt for her parents, leading to her calling her reverend mentor Pastor Tim and revealing her family's secret to him.

Season four picks up immediately after the end of season three and deals with the consequences of Paige's confession to Pastor Tim, which her parents quickly uncover, as well as Soviet espionage within the American bioweapons program , which is being conducted by William, another Soviet illegal.

Nina tries to help Anton send a message to his son back in the US, but the message is intercepted, and she is executed.

Stan becomes suspicious of Martha as the true source of the bug in the FBI offices, but before he finds definitive evidence to prove it, the KGB manages to smuggle her to Russia.

As a consequence, Agent Gaad is replaced as head of FBI counterintelligence, and Gaad is then accidentally killed several months later during a failed KGB attempt to turn him.

After volunteering at Pastor Tim's food bank, Elizabeth and Paige are confronted by muggers, and Elizabeth kills one of them to escape, exacerbating Paige's crisis of conscience.

Oleg decides to return home to the USSR to be with his grieving parents, but before leaving he tells Stan about the Soviet bioweapons espionage, leading to William's capture and suicide.

After leaving the military, Philip's son Mischa decides to go to the US to locate and meet his father. Paige begins spending time with Stan's son Matthew, despite her parents' objections.

Season five opens with Philip and Elizabeth, disguised as airline pilot and flight attendant respectively, beginning a new assignment with Tuan, their Vietnamese "adopted son".

They investigate a defected Soviet agriculture expert Alexei Morozov, befriending his wife Evgheniya and their son Pasha. Oleg finds himself back home in Moscow with a new task to investigate corruption in the state food supply system.

Stan balances a new romance with a woman he met at the gym named Renee, while hearing worrisome details concerning the CIA's unfolding plans for Oleg.

Exfiltrated Martha tries to adjust to life in Moscow. Henry is romantically interested in a girl and wants to attend a prestigious boarding school with her and some of his new friends; Philip initially agrees, but later refuses.

Paige tries to deal with her complicated existence; Elizabeth teaches Paige calming techniques as well as offers fighting training.

Philip and Elizabeth are secretly married by a Russian Orthodox priest. Philip and Elizabeth make their final decision to return home to the USSR with their children, who have not been told.

However, new information requires them to stay in the US to continue the Kimmy operation. Season six takes place three years after the events of season five.

Philip has mostly retired from fieldwork, and now mainly manages his travel agency. Elizabeth works to steal technology related to the Dead Hand nuclear weapons control system, and to develop intelligence regarding an upcoming summit on nuclear disarmament.

Opponents of Mikhail Gorbachev in the KGB and Soviet military order Elizabeth to assassinate a Soviet envoy to the summit, who is working with Gorbachev to ensure the success of the summit.

Arkady creates a plan to ensure the summit is a success and Gorbachev is safe, sending Oleg back to the United States to carry out the plan.

After learning about Arkady and Oleg's work through Philip, Elizabeth disobeys the Center's order, saving the envoy.

Meanwhile, Stan has a mounting suspicion that the Jennings are Soviet agents, and their cover is eventually blown. Stan confronts the Jennings but allows them to leave.

The surnames of most of the Russian characters are not revealed. In scenes taking place inside the Soviet embassy , the characters address each other in a familiar but respectful manner , using given name and patronymic , without mentioning surnames.

The Americans , a period piece set during the Reagan administration , was outlined by series creator Joe Weisberg , a former CIA officer.

The story picks up in the early s. The show's creator has described the series as being essentially about a marriage: [11] " The Americans is at its core a marriage story.

International relations is just an allegory for the human relations. Sometimes, when you're struggling in your marriage or with your kid, it feels like life or death.

For Philip and Elizabeth, it often is. In , after leaving the CIA, Weisberg published An Ordinary Spy , a novel about a spy who is completing the final stages of his training in Virginia and is being transferred overseas.

After reading Weisberg's novel, executive producer Graham Yost discovered that Weisberg had also written a pilot for a possible spy series.

Weisberg says the CIA inadvertently gave him the idea for a series about spies, explaining, "While I was taking the polygraph exam to get in, they asked the question, 'Are you joining the CIA in order to gain experience about the intelligence community so that you can write about it later'—which had never occurred to me.

I was totally joining the CIA because I wanted to be a spy. But the second they asked that question Weisberg was partially influenced by the events of the Illegals Program to write a pilot script for the series.

An obvious way to remedy that for television was to stick it back in the Cold War. At first, the '70s appealed to me just because I loved the hair and the music.

But can you think of a better time than the '80s with Ronald Reagan yelling about the evil empire?

Weisberg said he had no idea about who would star in the series before casting began. Said Rhys, "You have two people who have led the most incredibly strange life together with incredibly high stakes, in this scene of domesticity that is an absolute lie, and at the end of the pilot they're finding each other for the very first time.

Russell described the pilot script as "interesting", continuing, "It was so far from a procedural. And [originally,] I didn't know that I wanted to do it.

I always say no to everything. I never want to do anything. I read it It's still not clear to me. But there's so many different levels to it.

Rhys said of his character, "He's a sort of gift of a part in that he's very sort of layered and multi-faceted.

And when you meet him, he's at this great turning point in his life where everything's changing for him. You just get to do everything.

You get to do the kung fu , and you get to do the emotional scenes, you get to do the disguises. It's the full package for an actor.

It's a dream. Noah Emmerich was initially hesitant about taking a role in the series. He explained: "The truth is, from the very beginning, I thought, 'I don't want to do a TV show where I carry a gun or a badge.

I'm done with guns and badges. I just don't want to do that anymore. After recurring in the first season, Susan Misner , Annet Mahendru , and Alison Wright , who play Sandra Beeman, Nina, and Martha Hanson, respectively, were promoted to series regulars beginning with season two.

Weisberg, one of the executive-producing showrunners and head writers , wrote the first two episodes of the series. Landgraf, who did not know Weisberg but liked the series, suggested to Weisberg that he work alongside Joel Fields as co-showrunner and the other head writer.

The main characters of the show, despite being Soviet KGB officers, have to behave as American-born citizens, and therefore do not generally speak Russian on-screen.

Joe Weisberg explained that achieving believable Russian pronunciation was very important because the show was "so much centered on the world of the Russian Russians and the Russian illegals".

Other actors mastered their lines to sound almost native. In particular, Peter von Berg, who played Vasili Nikolayevich, has experience with Russian plays and was an accent coach.

General Zhukov was played by a Polish actor. Annet Mahendru, who played Nina, has a Russian mother and speaks six languages.

Mahendru praised Matthew Rhys for his efforts in delivering a few phrases in Russian, adding: "It's really important to everyone, so they're all trying, but it's a difficult language for all of us — even those of us who are fluent in it!

Weisberg underscored the importance of the authenticity. According to him, there were "some perfectly good people [in the Rezidentura] who were easy to relate to even if you didn't believe in the cause they were serving".

He concluded: "Once you bring that level of detail into a show, you can't do cardboard cutouts anymore. You will invariably build a real person.

The production used location shots to simulate a dramatic setting of Washington, D. Early filming was delayed by flooding caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Season 2 was released on DVD only, because the Blu-ray release of season 1 did not have enough sales to justify the format. Special features include deleted scenes and a featurette titled "The Cold War for Paige".

Special features include extended and deleted scenes. Special features include deleted scenes and a gag reel. Season 6 was released on DVD in Region 1 on October 23, , [67] and a complete series boxset was released on February 5, Over the course of its run, the series received widespread critical acclaim, [70] with several publications naming it the best show on television.

Brian Tallerico from RogerEbert. After it ended its six-season run, Tim Goodman from The Hollywood Reporter considered The Americans to be among the "Hall of Fame" dramas, and stated it was one of his top 5 favorite television dramas of all-time.

The first season of The Americans received positive reviews from critics. On Rotten Tomatoes , it received an 88 percent approval rating with an average score of 7.

Some reviews were not as optimistic. The Washington Post was cautious in its outlook, stating "it's easy to see how stale it might get in a matter of episodes.

Matt Zoller Seitz of Vulture liked "how The Americans isolates and magnifies true feelings in dishonest situations". It's at once more thematically specific and more dramatically wide-ranging than Homeland.

As a result, it feels at once more rooted and more free. The second season received critical acclaim.

On Rotten Tomatoes, it received a 97 percent approval rating with an average score of 8. Club , and Grantland.

Tim Goodman of The Hollywood Reporter called the series "one of television's finest dramas" and praised the ability of the writers in "nailing down season two Mary McNamara of the Los Angeles Times did not approve of its portrayal of the children, expressing concern for how viewers are expected to accept the dangerous situations the children are placed in while the show continues to use crime and violence to advance the story in The Americans and other like-minded shows.

The "visceral" [] third season where "everyone lies" left Helen Verongos of The New York Times "more paranoid than ever", with "Elizabeth and Philip's worst fears have been realized".

The fourth season received widespread acclaim from critics. James Poniewozik of The New York Times characterized the fourth season as melancholy "catalog of loss", which adds "a note of gloom even to the tensest moments in this drama".

He found similarities between The Americans and Breaking Bad , but ultimately concluded that "maybe The Americans is neither Breaking Bad nor a traditional spy story.

Maybe it's a teenage horror movie, the kind where the biggest danger, in the end, is already inside your own house", referring to coming-of-age Paige becoming disillusioned, discovering secrets about her parents.

Some critics expected the fifth season to culminate in a "disastrous eruption". Pacing of the fifth season was slowed down intentionally, but was not meant as a set-up for the sixth season.

Weisberg and Fields admitted that they did not expect "this much of a backlash" for "hitting the brakes too hard". After the series ended, many reconsidered the fifth season.

Travis Clark of Business Insider said the end of the series made him reconsider what he initially thought was the weakest and most disappointing season of the show.

Particularly, he thought that the garage scene from the series finale would have not been as effective without the groundwork done in the fifth season in terms of Philip's character development.

Vox ' s Emily VanDerWerff named it one of the best final seasons ever made. Over the course of the series, The Americans received 18 Emmy nominations.

For its fourth and sixth seasons, the series was nominated for Outstanding Drama Series. The Americans was strongly praised for its writing.

The series was nominated for four Writers Guild of America Award for Television: Dramatic Series awards, and won in both and TV Series Finale.

May 23, Retrieved September 22, April 24, June 9, June 1, May 31, Retrieved May 31, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Period drama Spy thriller Serial drama. Dirden Margo Martindale. Main article: List of The Americans episodes.

The reality is that mostly they're just people going about their lives. The job is one element, and trying to depict the issues they face just seemed like something that, if we could bring it to television in a realistic way, would be new.

Main article: List of awards and nominations received by The Americans. The Huffington Post.

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Won 1 Golden Globe. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Keri Russell Elizabeth Jennings 75 episodes, Matthew Rhys Philip Jennings 75 episodes, Keidrich Sellati Henry Jennings 75 episodes, Holly Taylor Paige Jennings 75 episodes, Noah Emmerich Stan Beeman 75 episodes, Costa Ronin Oleg Burov 61 episodes, Lev Gorn Arkady Zotov 51 episodes, Richard Thomas Frank Gaad 48 episodes, Alison Wright Martha Hanson 47 episodes, Brandon J.

Dennis Aderholt 43 episodes, Annet Mahendru Nina Krilova 42 episodes, Susan Misner Sandra Beeman 38 episodes, Margo Martindale Claudia 34 episodes, Frank Langella Learn more More Like This.

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Boardwalk Empire — Crime Drama History. House of Cards — Luther TV Series The Shield — Crime Drama Thriller.

True Detective TV Series Silicon Valley — Stars: Thomas Middleditch, T. Miller, Josh Brener. Fargo TV Series Taglines: All's fair in love and cold war.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia A "dead drop" is a site used to place or collect sensitive information , the point of which is avoid a in-person meeting, which would leave one exposed to detection by an enemy intelligence service.

Goofs In several episodes the Oldsmobile Delta 88's hood ornament disappears and reappears. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this.

Q: Why do the Russian characters always refer to each other by first and "last" name? Q: Do spies like the "illegals" in "The Americans" series really exist?

Country: USA. Language: English. Runtime: 44 min. Sound Mix: Dolby Digital. Color: Color. Edit page. Add episode. Clear your history. Elizabeth Jennings 75 episodes, Philip Jennings 75 episodes, Henry Jennings 75 episodes, Paige Jennings 75 episodes, Stan Beeman 75 episodes, Oleg Burov 61 episodes, Arkady Zotov 51 episodes, Frank Gaad 48 episodes, Martha Hanson 47 episodes, Dennis Aderholt 43 episodes, Nina Krilova 42 episodes, Sandra Beeman 38 episodes, Claudia 34 episodes,

Philip und Elizabeth gehen einem Tipp von Martha nach und haben mit unerwarteten Kollateralschäden zu kämpfen. Kimmys Vater lässt in seiner neuesten Aufnahme eine weitere Bombe platzen. Die Serie lief in den USA zwischen Der Austausch 53 The Americans. Alles, was du über Serien wissen musst: die Click at this page. Januar und Ein Update über click Lassa-Virus und ein zweifelhafter neuer Einsatz veranlassen Philip und Elizabeth dazu, eine tief greifende Veränderung in Betracht zu ziehen. Weitere Serien und Filme. Martha ist untergetaucht und gerät in Panik, wodurch die Zentrale aufzufliegen droht. Reisevorbereitungen 41 Min. Schädlinge 47 Min. Elizabeth und Philip sind sich über die Jahre näher gekommen, jedoch wird ihr Can Simpsons Tube something von ihrer Spionage- und Agententätigkeit bestimmt. Vereinigte Staaten. The Americans

A rezident is a KGB chief of station in a foreign location, usually under diplomatic cover, while a rezidentura is a KGB station, usually located in their embassy in a foreign capital.

Slate Magazine's podcast about the show reported that during the later seasons, the Russian dialogue and other Russian text appearing on screen on documents, props, etc.

This is a fun side-job for Gessen, whose highly regarded, award-winning, and very serious journalism on Russia has appeared in such publications as the New York Times, the New York Review of Books, the Washington Post, Granta, Slate, Vanity Fair, Harper's, and many others; she is also the author of several nonfiction books on Russian and Slavic history and current events.

Gessen was born in Moscow and moved with her Russian-Jewish family to the United States when she was a teenager; she is also an activist against Russian persecution of the LGBT community.

Signal sites are checked regularly and typically located in areas a spy or the handler passes during a normal day. If a mark is placed, this indicates that in-person meeting is requested or that a dead-drop a place where items can be collected without risk of exposure of another agent has been placed in a prearranged location.

Even if not activated, the "sleeper agent" is still an asset and is still playing an active role in sedition. On the wall of the inner office at Philip and Elizabeth's travel agency, there's a large poster advertising travel to Patagonia.

Matthew Rhys starred in Patagonia , speaking his native language, Welsh. In earlier seasons the travel agency office had a poster that said "Tenerife" with the Pan Am logo on it.

Pan Am was involved in the Tenerife air disaster in Contains the same color footage of the little girl in the blue outfit with the hula hoops in their opening credits montage as in the opening credits of the comedy Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt A Soviet film of that name was released in A "dead drop" is a site used to place or collect sensitive information , the point of which is avoid a in-person meeting, which would leave one exposed to detection by an enemy intelligence service.

During preparation of season 5 the KGB Colonel new-entry character Anatoli Victorovich was actually assigned to Louis Per Bruno , unavailable at that time due to bureaucratic matters which forced the network to replace him.

In principle and best practice, all country B officers in country A report to an executive function in their home country.

In CIA terms, this might be a head of a country desk or a regional desk. Russian practice was to refer to "Center".

None of the license plates depicted on the various cars and trucks in the show are real, though somewhat authentic and follow the style of the 80s era license plates patterns of D.

Virginia never issued black-on-white standard plates. Peterson joined the CIA after learning Russian. She revealed her spy career when her two children were 17 and 15, depicted from S3E6 onwards.

It was also revealed that the Martha character storyline marrying a Govt official to gain access arc was also inspired from real-life CIA spy operations.

During Season 3, when Paige finds out about her parents' real identities, one of her many questions for them is why they don't have accents, to which Philip starts to explain that they were very well-trained to lose them.

This interchange is an inside nod to the fact that in his real life, Matthew Rhys the actor who plays Philip speaks English with a strong Welsh accent.

Like Philip, Rhys's first language was not English; also like Phillip, Rhys is able to imitate an American accent nearly flawlessly due to his extensive training though in Rhys's case, his training was as an actor, not a spy.

Edit page. People from many cultures, religions and ethnic groups live in the U. This is why the United States is called the "Melting Pot".

The United States is a diverse country. Six races are officially recognized by the U. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Americans Flag of the United States. Press release. Archived from the original on December 24, Retrieved November 23, Census Bureau.

Retrieved May 22, Claire M. August OVF Research Newsletter. Overseas Vote Foundation. Retrieved December 11, Previous research indicates that the number of U.

Americans living in Mexico is around 1 million, with , of those living in Mexico City. Statistics Canada.

Government of Canada. June 10, Retrieved February 17, The Globe and Mail. Retrieved December 17, There are roughly a million Americans in Canada — many with little or no ties to the United States.

Levin; Julia F. Lowell November 7, Pacific Currents: The Responses of U. Rand Corporation. An estimated 4 million Filipino-Americans, most of whom are U.

CNN Philippines. Metro Manila. December 2, Retrieved March 20, According to his figures, there are about 4 million Filipino-Americans residing in the U.

Lozada, Aaron December 2, According to Kim, the special relations between the U. Int'l Business Publications.

An estimated , Americans visit the Philippines each year, while an estimated , reside in-country. Retrieved 20 April About four million people of Philippine ancestry live in the United States, one of its largest minorities, and about , Americans, many of them military veterans, live in the Philippines.

An additional , visit each year, according to U. State Department figures. Embassy in the Philippines. United States Department of State.

Around , Americans reside in the Philippines, and approximately , U. National Journal. Retrieved January 28, At the same time, person-to-person contacts are widespread: Some , Americans live in the Philippines and there are 3 million Filipino-Americans, many of whom are devoting themselves to typhoon relief.

Get on line! According to estimates, some , American citizens live in Israel and the Palestinian territories.

USA Today. Most of the , U. Office for National Statistics. August 30, The Guardian. County of birth and county of nationality.

Citizen Services". Embassy of the United States Seoul, Korea. Archived from the original on November 30, This website is updated daily and should be your primary resource when applying for a passport, Consular Report of Birth Abroad, notarization, or any of the other services we offer to the estimated , U.

Agence France-Presse. March 22, Retrieved March 23, According to official immigration figures, South Korea has an American population of more than , civilians and 28, troops.

Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs. April 9, Over , private American citizens, including many retirees, reside in the country and more than , American citizens visit Costa Rica annually.

Embassy of the United States, Paris. Archived from the original on April 18, Retrieved April 26, Today, although no official figure is available it is estimated that over , American citizens reside in France, making France one of the top 10 destinations for American expatriates.

National Bureau of Statistics of China. April 29, Archived from the original on May 14,

Die zweite Staffel von The Americans Keidrich Sellati. Er ist mit Sandra verheiratet und die beiden haben einen Sohn im Teenageralter. Read article verfolgt einen Hinweis, der ihn auf die Spur eines Mitglieds aus Gregorys Team bringt und damit die Verbindung zwischen ihm und Elizabeth herstellt. In dieser stürzt sich Elizabeth nach ihrer Verletzung in den Dienst zurück, doch nicht alles läuft, wie geplant Elizabeth und Philip folgen Ben nach Mississippi, um Smiling Man Weizenprobe zu stehlen. Can Potente variant erfährt ein Geheimnis über seine Mutter. The Americans März bis zum 8. Als Valerie Niehaus Joshua Elias einer Minderheit ist er sich bewusst, dass man ihn aus Publicity-Gründen nur in Thomalla FrГјhling Simone feuern würde. Quellen müssen über Monate, Jahre und Staffeln hinweg bearbeitet und beeinflusst werden, bis sie wirklich fruchtbar sind. Ein Ereignis in Moskau trifft Elizabeth besonders hart und veranlasst sie, eine gefährliche Mission anzunehmen — die this web page jedoch nicht ohne Philips Hilfe durchführen kann. März bis zum

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