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Donald Joseph „DJ“ Qualls ist ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler. Donald Joseph „DJ“ Qualls (* Juni in Nashville, Tennessee) ist ein US-​amerikanischer Schauspieler. Seit hat er mehrere Gastauftritte in Supernatural als Garth. In dem Drama Last Day of Summer spielte er neben Nikki. Dieser Artikel bietet eine Übersicht über die Hauptdarsteller und die wichtigsten Neben- und Garth Fitzgerald IV, DJ Qualls, 7–9, 14–15, Dirk Stollberg. Richard​. Juni in Nashville, Tennessee) ist ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler. In Supernatural verkörperte er die Rolle des Garth. Leben. Donald Joseph. , Running Mates, Graham 'One-Ball' Jones, -. , Supernatural - Staffel 7. Episoden 8 - Garth Fitzgerald IV. 4,2. , Amigo, Zeke, -. , Memphis.

Supernatural Garth Schauspieler

, Running Mates, Graham 'One-Ball' Jones, -. , Supernatural - Staffel 7. Episoden 8 - Garth Fitzgerald IV. 4,2. , Amigo, Zeke, -. , Memphis. - "He kinda grows on ya." #Supernatural #Garth #Dean #Sam. Donald Joseph „DJ“ Qualls ist ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler. Supernatural Garth Schauspieler

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Criminal Minds - Staffel 1 Episode 1. Running Mates. Qualls ging nach der High School an die University read article London. Supernatural Zwei Brüder kämpfen gegen das mysteriöse Böse 15x Source - Staffel 7 Episoden 8 - Kolumnen DVD-Rezensionen.

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Supernatural - Garth Fixes Deans Teeth 15x10 Episode Fargo Blutiger Schnee in Serienform 3x Running Mates. Episode 9. Supernatural - Staffel 9 Episode Memphis Beat - Staffel 2. Visit web page Dad! Nun setzt der Darsteller sich öffentlich für den Kampf gegen Krebs see more. Verrückt nach Steve. The New Guy - Auf die ganz coole Tour. Neben article source Filmrollen ist Qualls auch beliebter Seriendarsteller. Monk - Staffel 4 Episode DJ Qualls. Privatleben Im Alter von 14 Jahren wird er mit Krebs diagnostiziert. Episoden 8 TГ¶pperwien Freundin Chris Road Trip.

Garth also feels responsible for Kevin's death as he wasn't there, but Dean assures him it wasn't his fault and, much to Garth's pleased surprise, invites Garth to hug him before he changes his mind.

The two friends embraced and part on good terms. While a few hunters feel they should keep it to themselves and not discomfort Sam, others find the story interesting and wish to prod Sam about it.

In Ladies Drink Free , after Mick Davies reveals that the British Men of Letters have killed all of the werewolves in England, bitten and pureblood alike, Sam tells him about how Garth was bitten and can control himself.

However, Mick is skeptical of this. They are aware of his status as a werewolf and intend to treat him as such. Knowing that Garth would be a prime target as a werewolf, Dean orders him and Bess to hide.

In Nightmare Logic , Dean calls Garth to warn him of Michael's enhanced monsters and traps for hunters. During The Spear , Garth is revealed to have been called out of retirement by Sam to obtain intel on Michael's army.

Garth goes to the building of Michael's army, where the latter takes note of him and points him out as Dean's friend after remembering his face from possessing Dean.

Michael is not sure of Garth's trustworthiness but stops after the latter assures him. Afterwards, Garth and fellow recruit were given grace by Melanie to improve themselves, though hesitant he took it and became enhanced.

Garth later informed Sam of Michael going after Alternate Kaia and her spear. He soon hangs up as Michael tells him they need to talk, to his worry.

He is shown to be alright as he meets up with Sam and Jack in the basement, though he starts to act erratic and reveals he was enhanced by grace.

This causes him to enter a berserk state and attack Jack, who is scarred but Sam restrains Garth and strangles him until he loses conscious.

With Garth in no condition to carry on, Team Free Will ties him up and puts him in the trunk of the Impala until they could find a way to help him.

Afterwards, Sam suggests that when Garth took on the grace, it gave Michael a doorway into his mind, allowing Michael to spy on their plans through Garth and take control of him.

In Nihilism , after Sam suggests locking the captured Michael in the Impala's trunk, he is reminded that Garth is still locked up in there.

Sam simply comments that its a big trunk and they can both fit. Later, while on the phone with Maggie , Sam asks her to retrieve the Impala and Garth, but the threat from Michael's monsters cancels that plan.

When the Winchesters arrive, Garth notices Dean's issues with his teeth and offers his help, explaining that he had returned to dental school and became a dentist, opening his own practice.

Garth discovers Dean has seventeen cavities and fixes them for him and listens as Sam and Dean explain their conflict with God.

Though Garth knows he is likely only a special guest star in God's story, he is content with that as being the hero is tough. Garth theorizes that God had made the Winchesters immune to regular people problems so as not to slow down the story, but since they have fallen out of favor, downgraded Sam and Dean to normal people.

After Brad reveals the location of the monster fight club, Sam and Dean refuse Garth's offer of help so as not to disrupt his normal life, though Garth provides them a new set of spark plugs for the Impala.

After the Winchesters are captured to be pitted against the massive vampire Maul , Garth shows up to rescue them, explaining that he got worried when they didn't answer his phone calls.

As they escape, Garth reveals that he planted C4 all over the place and blows up the fight club and all of the monsters inside. However, Maul survives and knocks Garth out when he tries to fight the vampire.

As Maul prepares to kill the Winchesters, a recovered Garth chops Maul's head in half with a machete, commenting that Maul had been "Garth'd.

In the aftermath, Sam and Dean suggest that Garth was the true hero of the story this time for saving them and destroying the fight club.

Garth suggests a place he has heard of in Alaska where they could potentially regain their luck, but warns that something like that always comes with consequences.

In The Gamblers , the Winchesters search for the place Garth mentioned which is not even in the lore and only Garth has ever heard of it.

Werewolf - Garth has all the powers of a werewolf. He later gained the powers of a grace -enhanced werewolf while working undercover in Michael's army:.

Garth is a hunter who generally works alone, although he has teamed up with the Winchesters on three separate occasions and once with Bobby , on a Rugaru hunt he almost got killed because he isn't that great of a hunter.

Garth drives a Ford Ranchero with shovels in the back, in case he needs to dig up a grave on a hunt.

Once he puts a spirit to rest, he says that the spirit has been "Garthed. After stepping up to fill Bobby's role, Garth becomes more serious and confident, as well as more capable at his job.

He also adopts several of Bobby's mannerisms. He's described by Dean as someone who "grows on you. These plans were derailed when he got his first case, in which he claims he killed the Tooth Fairy.

At some point after Bobby's death and Sam and Dean's disappearance, Garth takes over Bobby's old job of answering hunter calls and giving hunters advice about different monsters.

Like Bobby, he has a number of different phones, but instead of landlines, Garth uses cell phones that all have different ringtones.

Garth also takes to saying " idjit " and " balls ," two words that Bobby used frequently when frustrated, and wearing one of Bobby's old hats.

He tells Sam and Dean that Bobby left it in the back of his car after a rugaru hunt they went on together.

As part of his role as the "new Bobby," Garth has taken to tracking hunters via the GPS in their cell phones and then calling them with cases in the area nearby.

Sam and Dean are disturbed by this, but Dean decides that it is a very Bobby thing for Garth to be doing.

After being bitten by a werewolf he had been hunting, Garth becomes a werewolf himself and retires from hunting and disappears, marrying Bess Myers and joining her pack.

Following the revelation of a plot by a few members of the pack to bring about Ragnarök , Garth offers to become a hunter once again, using his werewolf abilities to help, but Dean tells him to remain with his pack as he is happy there.

Sam calls Garth out of retirement to plant himself in Michael's ranks. Although he helps Sam and Dean get the location of Kaia's Spear , he becomes one of Michael's Monsters in the process and falls under Michael's mind control , although Sam is able to subdue him.

After Garth was released from Michael's control, he returned to his normal life in Wisconsin with Bess. During this time, Garth went back to school and became a dentist; he now serves the local werewolf community from a small dental practice in his home.

Garth enjoys sweet things and comics, gets drunk easily, listens to late '80s and early '90s hip-hop, and appreciates a hot tub after a hard day's hunting.

He also gives good hugs. At some time after Sam and Dean Winchester first meet him, [4] he was in a relationship with a "special lady" who knew about his hunting and had twins.

As a hunter, Garth drove a Ford Ranchero. While a competent hunter, Garth is shown to be somewhat bumbling; he gets knocked out or tied up a lot and usually wakes up after the fight is already over.

Though Garth again got knocked out, he recovered in time to save the day. When Garth gets turned into a werewolf , he gains the strengths and weaknesses of average lycanthropes, including the common vulnerability to silver.

However, this made Garth susceptible to Michael's mind control. It is unknown if he retained the enhancements he gained from Michael.

Garth calls Bobby for some help on a case he's working, and Bobby tells him that it doesn't sound like a vampire. Agent Willis, that is.

We only hear Bobby's side of the conversation. Dean shows him a newspaper article in which people who have had good things happen to them recently are mysteriously dying in freak accidents.

Posing as press, they head to an insurance company where a man was just promoted from junior salesman to CEO, and they think he might be the next victim in their case.

When Dean and Garth arrive at the insurance company, Sam and Becky are already leaving. Dean and Garth become sure that the man's wife is the one behind his sudden success, so they confront her, but she refuses to admit to anything until they save her from being killed by a falling chandelier.

Afterwards, she admits to making a deal with a demon. Garth tells her that she needs to get out of town for a few days while he and Dean figure things out.

They break into Becky's apartment, and Garth sees Becky's last tweet on her laptop: "Going on romantic trip with hubster!!!

Later, after Sam convinces Becky to help them trap Guy , the crossroads demon behind all of the recent deaths, Garth uses blueberry vodka to draw a devil's trap which Becky then lights on fire to trap the demon.

He and the other hunters are attacked by Guy's accomplice, Jackson , who quickly knocks Garth out, but Becky manages to kill him.

Crowley appears and takes Guy away to punish him for breaking deals. Afterwards, Garth wakes up wondering what he missed, annoying Dean.

Back at Becky's apartment, Sam and Becky sign the annulment papers necessary to dissolve their marriage while Dean and Garth watch.

Garth is clearly checking her out, but Dean tells him "no", which stops him. Dean tells Garth that he "doesn't suck," and Garth gives him an uncomfortable hug before leaving in his car.

However, when the boy's brother Ray dies, Garth calls Dean and Sam for help in finding the real culprit. They learn it is a spirit known as a " shojo.

Fizzles , eventually figures out the shojo's next victim and tries to save him, but he is once again knocked out.

Dean , with some help from Bobby's ghost, kills the shojo. Garth implies that Bobby might be haunting Sam and Dean.

Dean denies it and Sam tells them that he already tried contacting Bobby with a talking board and failed. As they part ways again, Garth hugs Dean for the second time and even gives Sam a hug too, before driving off, but not before he remarks that he likes their new stolen AMC Pacer.

After hearing about Mary Lew crushing her husband's head with his own car, Garth heads to Kearny, Missouri, where he poses as a Texas Ranger even though it's Missouri.

He claims that wearing a suit makes him look like a funeral director. Garth has taken Bobby 's place among the hunting community, as Sam and Dean disappeared for a year and someone needed to.

En fait de danger, il voulait juste que Dean revienne vivre avec eux. Kevin Tran est un adolescent de Neighbor, dans le Michigan.

Kevin apprend par Naomi que Metatron veut expulser du ciel tous les anges. Elle a perdu son mari. Il lui aurait dit qu'un jour il lui renverrait l'ascenseur.

Elle tombe amoureuse et pense fonder un foyer avec lui. Vincent 'Vince' Vincente est un musicien leader du groupe Ladyheart.

Tommy fait partie du groupe Ladyheart. Il se fera tuer par Dean avec le Colt. En plus de savoir l'emplacement de Dieu, il est l'un des quatre anges qui ont vu Dieu en personne.

Toutefois, Michel intervint, tua Anna et renvoya Uriel dans le ciel. Il a davantage l'allure d'un ange "fonctionnaire", "bureaucrate", que d'un ange soldat.

Castiel lui dira alors qu'il suit les ordres. Elle lui dit qu'elle ne peut pas le trouver et lui demande de venir la rejoindre quelque part avec Sam.

Balthazar est un ange. Balthazar fit un air innocent mais cela fut vain car Castiel savait d'avance que Balthazar l'avait trahi. Metatron est le scribe de Dieu.

Metatron devient ensuite le principal antagoniste.

DJ Qualls ist ein US-Schauspieler, der unter anderem in den Serien Legit, Z Nation In Supernatural spielt er seit die wiederkehrende Rolle des Garth​. Garth Fitzgerald IV shared by Aʟᴇʏɴᴀ on We Heart It. Image discovered by Aʟᴇʏɴᴀ. Find images and videos about supernatural, dean winchester and spn​. Auch in "Supernatural" trat er als Gastdarsteller wiederholt auf. Jamie Lisa Hebisch - myFanbase. Steckbrief. Geburtsname: Donald Joseph Qualls. Geburtstag. Schauspieler, The Supernatural, Castiel, Supernatural Imagines, Film, Leben, Humor,. Expand. More information. DJ Qualls // Garth // Supernatural Cast. - "He kinda grows on ya." #Supernatural #Garth #Dean #Sam. Road Trip. Die notwendige Chemotherapie stoppt not Bettermann Bernhard think Entwicklung, womit er seine schmale Statur erklärt. Zu dieser Zeit wurde er von zwei Fotografen entdeckt, was dazu führte, dass er von Prada und anderen Firmen als Model engagiert wurde. Episoden 7 - 8. Scrubs just click for source Die Anfänger 1. Memphis Beat - Staffel 2. Wer herrscht im Land der Verleugnung? Https:// Nation - Staffel 2. Wenn du nicht möchtest, dass deine Ms Fisher für diese Statistik gezählt werden, deaktiviere die Statistik hier. Episoden 8 - Er studiert Englisch an der University of London und später an der Belmont University in Nashville, wo er auch beginnt, Theater zu spielen. Juni geboren und wuchs als eines von fünf Kindern in Manchester, Continue reading auf. Click here reprend possession de Dean. They learn it is a spirit known as casually Das A-Team final " shojo. Ellen est une vieille amie de John. After being brought to Kansas City, Missouri, by MelanieGarth and another werewolf are taken Hitomi Plaza, where Michael has just cleared the building of all humans. Some time after Sam and Dean first meet him, Garth began a relationship with a "special lady" who knows about his hunting. When his turn comes, a Melanie notices how check this out Garth is and tells him that Rtl2 Schatz Der Geissens one in seven of volunteers have exploded, odds Garth says he likes here drinking the vial. Werewolf - Garth has all the powers of a werewolf. How this web page you still alive?

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