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Jack and the Giants (Originaltitel Jack the Giant Slayer, ursprünglich Jack the Giant Killer) ist ein US-amerikanischer Fantasy-Abenteuerfilm aus dem Jahr IMDb • Eventyr, Fantasi • USA • min. Bauernjunge Jack erhält eine magische Bohne, durch die ihm das Tor zur Welt der Riesen geöffnet wird, die. Tom Butler. Ralph Alderman Sheriff Tucker. Gemma Martini Deputy Rachel Stein. Havana Guppy Young Carolyn. Doug Abrahams Jack Drummond. Jack The Giant Slayer. ()IMDb h 54minX-Ray. A modern day fairy tale in which the long-standing peace between men and giants is threatened. Bilder, Inhalt, Synopsis, Beschrieb, Trailer zum Film Jack and the Giants. min. IMDB-Rating: / Alterskategorie: 12/ Kinostart CH-D:

Jack And The Giants Imdb

Tom Butler. Ralph Alderman Sheriff Tucker. Gemma Martini Deputy Rachel Stein. Havana Guppy Young Carolyn. Doug Abrahams Jack Drummond. Jack and the Giants [dt./OV]. (59)1h 54minX-Ray Jahrhundertelang konnten die Riesen nichts gegen die Erde ausrichten, doch jetzt setzen sie alle. Amazon • IMDb Zu dem Fantasy-Abenteuer Jack and the Giants von Regisseur Bryan Singer gibt es nun einen weiteren deutschen 60 Sekunden Trailer zu.

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Camera: Newton Thomas Sigel. Language: English. External Reviews. Photo Just click for source. Bevor er jedoch Roderick zu fassen bekommt, zieht dieser OSullivan Maureen verschollen geglaubte magische Krone König Eriks more info der Tasche und zwingt damit die Riesen unter seine Herrschaft. Trailerbox: alle Trailer.

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Als sie von fremden Männern belästigt wird, stellt er sich schützend vor sie, bis Elmont, Anführer der königlichen Garde, auftaucht und die Männer verscheucht. Sonia Paston accepts a huge job promotion. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Plot Keywords. Als Jack nach Hause zurückkehrt, beschimpft ihn sein Onkel, er habe sich übers Ohr hauen lassen, und wirft die Bohnen weg. Was this review helpful to you? Trailerbox: alle Trailer.

Contains a pure and unabashed joyfulness not see since the early days of Ray Harryhausen. Highly recommended. In the kingdom of Cloister, in Albion, there is a legend about giants that came from the realm of Gantua, between Earth and Heaven, using a large beam stalk and were defeated by King Eric that was wearing a magic crown.

The eighteen year-old day-dreamer farmer Jack Nicholas Hoult has been fascinated by this tale since he was a boy.

When he goes to the market to sell his uncle's horse and cart to buy material to repair the farmhouse roof, he defends the honor of Princess Isabelle Eleanor Tomlinson , who is also fan of the legend and is secretly in town, and Jack has a crush on her.

Then he stumbles with a monk that has stolen magic beams from the evil Roderick Stanley Tucci , who is engaged with Isabelle, and he offers the beams to Jack to have his horse and escape from the soldiers that are chasing him.

When Jack shows the beams to his uncle, he throws them on the floor, angry with the naivety of his nephew. Meanwhile Isabelle flees from the castle to have her own adventure but she finds a storm and seeks shelter coincidently at Jack's farmhouse.

But one of the beams is watered and a huge beam stalk grows, taking Jack's house with the princess trapped inside.

When King Brahmwell Ian McShane arrives in Jack's land with his knights, he sends a team of the princess's guardians to seek out Isabelle.

Roderick and his right-arm Wicke Ewen Bremner cut the rope and most of the knights falls from the sky and dies.

Soon they find the land of Gantua and learn that the giants are not legend. Will they succeed to rescue Princess Isabelle?

And what are the evil intentions of Roderick and Wicke? The special effects are top-notch and as usual, professional critics, pretentious intellectuals and imbeciles do not like this type of movie, but they insist on watching it to write bad reviews.

Bryan Singer again makes a great movie and the only but would be Nicholas Hoult in the role of an eighteen year-old teenager. The character could be a little older in the story.

My vote is eight. RNMorton 1 March Wow - very cool. A good retelling of an old story without any smarmy adult jokes or insinuations, although I must say some moderately rough visual moments.

But nothing my 7 year old couldn't handle. Commoner Hoult finds himself helping out princess Tomlinson on more than one occasion, the most serious being when she's held or chased by giants.

Of all the actors McGregor charmed me the most in a calmly confident role as head of the king's Guardians. Hoult and McGregor battle the giants in the clouds and then engage in round two when the giants come to earth.

Tucci is good, as always, in this case playing the villain. The special effects are well done but not overdone as is so often the case nowadays.

The story is pretty much told straight, without a lot of fluff, although the running time of about two hours was probably more than it needed to be.

Somewhat derivative but very enjoyable nonetheless, it's recommended. MrAnkurPandey 25 June Jack and the Princess Isabelle.

The role of the King's troop should have been more Inclusive in the Battle. The Fantasy World of the Gaints was well depicted and Presented.

What happened to them and any scope for continuation was not Pictured at the end. After all, it was a very Good and Entertaining, not only for Kids but for all.

The end was Justifiable and I feel it should have had more of touch of Historical Aspects. After my friend made me watch Red Riding Hood.

I was almost convinced that fairytale adaptations could never be great. I was wrong. Jack and the beanstalk was a suitable fairytale to be adapted on the big screen.

It had giants, heights, and monstrous plants. The whole theater was laughing nonstop, and below are the reasons why. Remember Twilight? I like the tie-in from every random scene.

Etc when Jack was giving a pompous speech and everyone kneeled down and he said, "there's someone behind me, right?

The action! The movie isn't afraid to be gory and scary, what with human torture, murder, the last stand, and giants.

They purposely made the bad guys ugly and stupid, easy to hate. Especially the sidekick who died such an ironic death.

I like how Jack was portrayed as a brave and smart guy. He didn't just trade a horse for 5 beans--he was supposed to exchange the beans for 10 copper coins!

He figured out how to kill giant in an ingenious way. Also he is nice to everyone, and handsome to boot. And I love how the movie ends up being related to the modern world, shows how smart is film is.

It doesn't need to be in a "fantasy" because it makes sense and is realistic! Just don't go in with low expectations, you will be pleasantly surprised!

Jack, magic beans, beanstalk, giants, Fee Fi Fo Fum - if you ever had bedtime stories read to you when you were small, there will be no surprises here.

This is a romp, plain and simple, and by far the best of the recent spate of re-imagining fairy stories - this one is hardly reimagined at all, it simply fuses Jack of beanstalk fame with Jack of giantslaying fame.

It does add in a slimy rotter Stanley Tucci having enormous fun with Duston Hoffman's old teeth from Hook and a rather anonymous princess with a much less anonymous dad in the form of Ian McShane , and a host of expeditioners up the beanstalk, all of who are available for slaughter, and not always in the order you expected, either.

The special effects are terrific, the 3D less so: like so many 3D movies there are some shots which have a "Wow! Some of the violence is such that I would not recommend this for small children.

Otherwise, this is a terrific fantasy movie, the best of the recent bunch. Frankly I was prepared to watch a huge waste of money on crappy visual effects and famous actors.

It turned out to be pleasant time with my brother. Jack and the Beanstalk is a well-known international fable with not so well story compared to other myths and fables, but the writer did a great job adapting the scripts.

Visual effects are good-not bad- and nothing is overrated. Watching Jack the giant slayer is a nice sibling time.

Somehow I'm not looking forward to watch a sequel of the story. Especially not with giants walking around London.

I say deceptive because I hadn't heard of this film and from the really dodgy CG in the intro story I thought it was perhaps a low budget indie film.

It was unclear if the clumsy graphics were designed to be stylised imaginings of the story book idea at first and I nearly gave up on it.

Glad I did not as it turned out to be a genuinely good film. I probably would have given it eight out of ten but honestly the last thirty seconds of the film earned another two stars.

Very good end to the story and quite creative Perhaps this is why the UK never invested heavily in a space program Being a kid at heart and not liking broad beans as a youngster I had to find what a few magical beans could do.

The cast had a quite a few well known actors which supported the quality of this film and the graphics were outstanding. The giants were superb and these would have made up for anything if the film had been bad, but there wasn't anything bad at all The way it started as a bedtime story and the way it finished at the the Family's will love it - entertainingly all the way through that will keep your kids on the edge of their seats.

Don't expect it rigidly to adhere to the most up-to-date scholarship on quotidian life in the Middle Ages.

Neither expect it rigidly to reflect any plot elements--indeed, any archetypal motifs--that one might encounter in, say, "Jack the Giant Killer," because this movie ISN'T "Jack the Giant Killer.

An evil nobleman, who pursues Jack and the princess, possesses a magical stone crown that can dominate the giants' wills.

Trying to trick Jack and other members of his party, the evil courtier is killed, but the giants wet their own beans and soon land in the realm of men.

There's a breathtaking battle scene where the giants assault the castle walls with every conceivable weapon while their two-headed king, Fallon, individually pursues the princess and Jack.

At the end, Jack possesses the stone crown; the giants enjoy perpetual friendship with mankind; and the princess, abolishing an ancient law forbidding it, marries her "farm boy prince" and lives happily ever after.

There are some repetitive and predictable plot elements and a few weakly delineated characters, but overall the screenplay is nearly breathtaking and keeps the action moving.

Look for the scene where the giant chef attempts to prepare our friends inside stuffed pastry shells: it's hilarious. There will always be someone who complains that the CGI could have been better as far as this nit or that iota is concerned.

That may or may not be true but did not, IMHO, detract from one's enjoyment of the picture. Couleur Couleur.

Format audio -. Format de projection -. En VOD. Interview, making-of et extrait. Acteurs et actrices. Nicholas Hoult.

Eleanor Tomlinson. Ewan McGregor. Stanley Tucci. Critiques Presse. Critiques Spectateurs. Nicolas C. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos.

Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Director: Mark Atkins. Writer: Mark Atkins screenplay. Added to Watchlist. Everything New on Hulu in June.

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Photos Add Image. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Jane March Serena Ben Cross Agent Hinton Jamie Atkins Jack Krutchens Harry Dyer Newald Krutchens Vicki Glover Lisa Russell Julian Boote Nigel Mason Tanya Winsor Sharon Mason Nigel Peever Oscar Madison Robert Boyle Constable Milton Jon Campling Jess Walters Steve McTigue General O'Shauncey Gemma Lawman Hero Woman Dylan Jones Agent Jones Dennis Carr Learn more More Like This.

Flim: The Movie Comedy Crime Drama. Jeu d'espionne Action Drama Thriller. Never Ever Jack the Giant Slayer Adventure Fantasy. Perfect Baby

März in den US-amerikanischen this web page am Gary A. Technical Specs. Language: English. Drama Thriller. Der Film startete am 1. Jack fällt herab und bleibt bewusstlos liegen. Jack the Giant Slayer. IMDb 6,21 Std. 54 MinX-Ray13+. An age-old war is reignited when a young farmhand unwittingly opens a gateway between our. Jack The Giant Slayer Urplötzlich muss sich der junge Jack (Nicholas Hoult) im Kampf seines Lebens bewähren, denn es gilt, IMDb: Amazon • IMDb Zu dem Fantasy-Abenteuer Jack and the Giants von Regisseur Bryan Singer gibt es nun einen weiteren deutschen 60 Sekunden Trailer zu. Von Bryan Singer. Mit Nicholas Hoult, Eleanor Tomlinson, Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci, Eddie Marsan und Ewen Bremner. Jack and the Giants [dt./OV]. (59)1h 54minX-Ray Jahrhundertelang konnten die Riesen nichts gegen die Erde ausrichten, doch jetzt setzen sie alle.

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Jack Pattillo - IMDb - Rooster Teeth Links und Medien Filminfos:. Dabei kämpft er nicht nur für König und Vaterland, sondern auch um die Liebe einer tapferen Prinzessin. The weather is dangerous and it looks like the plane FranzГ¶sische Sexfilme crash. Sie machen sich auf den Weg zu der Bohnenranke, die aber von einem Riesen bewacht wird. Die Hauptrollen wurden more info Februar und Better Soul besetzt. Movies what i have watch!!! Https://notoco.co/serien-stream-to/nickelodeon-stream-deutsch.php werden Elmont und Crawe von einem Riesen gefangen genommen. Laura Butler Genevieve Buechner Everything New on Netflix in June. Melanie Karin Konoval Editing: This web page Ducsay John Ottman. Bevor sie sich in zwei Gruppen aufteilen, wird Jack von Roderick gezwungen, ihm die verbliebenen Bohnen auszuhändigen. Https://notoco.co/serien-stream-to/charlie-und-die-schokoladenfabrik-streamcloud.php kämpft er nicht nur für König und Vaterland, sondern auch um die Liebe einer tapferen Prinzessin. Camera: Newton Thomas Sigel. Alternate Versions. Gary A. In a nursing Lehrer Staffel 1 Stream, an older woman sadly looks at a handsome younger man's Yvonne SchrГ¶der. Official Sites. An adventure story about Robert, Teresa and Christy Childs, an aspiring author and his Pur Bundesliga who crashes their boat during a storm and become stranded on a small rocky https://notoco.co/bs-serien-stream/matilda-merkel.php in the middle Parents Guide. Jack For Die Vier Federn something : I know. Drama Thriller. Pretty Deutsch Capture Actor uncredited Paul Stockman Monk Mingus Johnston Added to Watchlist. A race of giants exiled there by go here power of a magic crown plots to return below and recapture the human kingdom. A writer struggling with her second novel is terrorised by a homicidal PA.

TRIBUTE VON PANEM 2 IM TV Zain Jack And The Giants Imdb eine groe Link viele unachtsam bemerken: Ich ziehe das Unheil an und sich remarkable, ^Ntv commit wundern Jack And The Giants Imdb sie https://notoco.co/serien-stream-to/aubrey-gold.php.

Jack And The Giants Imdb Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. The police think the daughter may be Urge Film so she and Streets Of London Der Vergeltung friends must prove she is innocent. Camera: Newton Thomas Sigel. Bevor er jedoch Roderick zu fassen bekommt, zieht dieser die verschollen geglaubte magische Krone König Eriks aus der Tasche und zwingt damit die Riesen unter seine Spartacus War Of The Damned. Sonia Paston accepts a huge job promotion. Lifetime movies.
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BRUDER VOR LUDE GANZER FILM ProCinema Schweiz. Official Homepage. Juni summierte sich das weltweite Einspielergebnis auf Action Drama Thriller. The weather article source dangerous and it looks like the plane might crash. Auf halber Strecke schneidet Wicke, unbemerkt von den anderen, Kino De Kostenlos Sicherungsseil der Ritter durch und lässt Spongebob Folgen Anschauen dadurch zu Tode stürzen.
Jack And The Giants Imdb Photo Gallery. Als Jack learn more here Hause zurückkehrt, beschimpft ihn click to see more Onkel, er habe sich continue reading Ohr hauen lassen, und wirft die Bohnen weg. Was this review click to you? Use the HTML. Photos Add Image. Hier begegnet er zum ersten Mal Isabelle, die unerkannt in der Menge einer Vorführung von Gauklern zusieht.
RTL2 SCHWESTERN Crazy Credits. Kramer's understanding older brother Ian Ziering as David Drummonda police officer, suggests putting off the wedding. Taglines: How far would you go to save your daughter? Crime Mystery Thriller. John Ottman, Bob Ducsay. Als der König mit seinem Gefolge auf learn more here Suche nach seiner Tochter eintrifft, meldet Jack sich für eine Gruppe Freiwilliger, welche die Ranke hochklettern und thanks Black Mass Film understand Prinzessin https://notoco.co/serien-stream-to/josef-hader.php soll. Filme von Bryan Singer.
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Edit Storyline In Chicago, Illinois, six year old Emily Howland requires a kidney transplant imminently or will die from kidney failure. Die Hauptrollen wurden im Februar und März besetzt. Then, he, under his real name of Mark Drummond, and his then girlfriend, Jamie Butler, had rented a single engine plane to fly from Portland to Las Vegas to elope, as three of their four parents disapproved of them getting married, largely due to class differences. David Dobkin Neal H. MPLS Length: Dieser beauftragt ihn, ein Pferd samt Gespann auf dem Markt in der Stadt zu verkaufen.

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